How Europeans View Islam

Islam in Europeans¬†| The right-wing Polish magazine wSieci or The Network published the controversial issue. The magazine’s cover depicts women wearing EU clothes being harassed and about to be raped by fluffy hands.

The magazine’s theme was “The Islamic rape of Europe.” The magazine’s publication is considered to be the culmination of negative perceptions of Europeans towards Muslims.

The publication of this edition by wSieci drew harsh criticism from rights groups in Europe and the world. They are considered stereotyping, generalizing, framing, and of course Islamophobia against muslim immigrants flooding into Europe.

The magazine’s editorial instead mentions that Muslim immigrants create hell and are an invasion of European culture, values, and norms.

Islamophobia is nothing new in Europe. These symptoms have been around for a long time, but lately that hatred has increased. The legitimacy of verses in the Book, cultural arguments, to philosophical apologists are also included to justify hatred of Islam.

Islam is said to be unable to live with European customs, values, and culture. Some media and right-wing groups say that if muslim immigrants want to go to Europe, they should adjust to Europe and not the other way around.

Schweizerische Fl√ľchtlingshilfe the most violent local human rights advocacy group protested and criticized the Swiss government for its intention to confiscate the refugees’ property for their living expenses during the evacuation.

This crazy, racist policy is not protested by scripture or scientific rationalization, but with humanitarian arguments.

The refugee problem in Europe is used as an excuse to oppress and discriminate against Muslims in Europe.

Bomb blasts in France and Belgium, attacks in the UK and Denmark, and incidents of mass sexual abuse in Germany are increasingly discrediting Muslims as individuals and Muslims as religions.

According to the European Islamophobia Report (EIR), symptoms of hatred and Islamophobia are increasing in European countries. The report was presented at the EU parliament in Brussels.

This report is a form of analysis and track record of all forms of Islamophobia in various countries in Europe since 2015 in 25 countries that are members of the European Union. The results were terrible.

After the Charlie Hebdo incident, anti-Muslim sentiment in France rose 500 percent. Victims of anti-Muslim sentiment in France 75 percent are women because of their headscarves, while for men there are not too many.

One of the harshest groups in Germany that rejects Islam is Pegida. Pegida or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West suspects there is a systematic, measured and massive effort to immerse Europe, and seeks to replace the noble values of European culture with Islam.

Islam is certainly described very badly, for example trying to turn non Muslims into Muslims. Interestingly, in research released by a Gallup poll in 2008, it was mentioned that 57 percent of Germans consider religion to be not important.

In research conducted by Pew Research with Templeton Global Religious Futures Project in 2010, several countries that have negative views of Muslims in Europe include Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Greece.

While the positive views of the UK, Sweden, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. The European Union in 2010 said the area was home to 13 million Muslim immigrants. The total Muslim population in Europe alone is currently 46 million people according to news from the New Observer.

Human rights advocacy groups go to great lengths to educate the public to be fair. They say rape, sexual harassment, or even crime do not belong exclusively to Muslims. Non-Muslims also exist. Other human rights groups have sought to explain that criminality in Europe’s muslim community is due to economic inequality, discrimination, and also access to public services that are relatively difficult for refugees to obtain.

Human Rights Watch, through Kenneth Roth, says that Europe must stick to the values they believe in in democracy. Kenneth mentioned that the fact in the Muslim community there is cancer that is the cause of terrorism.

However, the most victims of terrorism itself are Muslims. European society should be able to be the front to help Muslims in the face of terrorism, not even cornering and hostile to them.

Aid to Muslim refugees or Muslim groups is also suspected. Aid agencies to humanitarian agencies accused of “funding terrorists”, “funding radicalization” and “islamization”? Humanity is considered a setting agenda.

The human rights advocacy group has repeatedly denied that Islam is a violent religion and that ISIS is a representation of Islam. The Polish conservative magazine wSieci is also looking for reasons for historical hatred of Islam and the west to have taken place in 14 centuries.

There is a great discourse organized by the Islamic community to turn Europe’s great cultures, beliefs, and traditions into desert cultures.

Anti-Islam groups call this religion a misogynistic religion that demeans women, is belligerent, and bloodthirsty.

How hard Islamic intellectuals and human rights fighters explain that human rights and Islam are not opposed, all disputed by the generalization of ISIS as well as the criminality committed by Muslim immigrants.

How Islam Views Women ?

The rise of Pegida has made the fascists of this anti-immigrant Muslim community grow in Europe. Wroclaw, a town in Poland has gathered thousands of supporters to fight the disease of muslim immigrants suspected of raping European children.

They shouted “God, Honor and Fatherland” and intimidated the country’s Muslim citizens. A similar narrative has occurred to Negroes by Italian Fascists, Jews by Nazi Fascists, and now felt by Muslim refugees.


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