7 Tips How to Control anger in Islam

7 Ways How to Control Anger in Islam

Everyone may have felt emotion and anger. This feeling is normal especially when a person is faced with complex and difficult life problems.

But the most important thing is not about the problem at hand, but how we respond to the problem. Then how the hell do I overcome anger in Islam?

Anger is one of the normal emotions that exist within man. Just like anxiety, stress, anger can also actually be controlled so that the output does not cause bad effects.

Therefore, do not underestimate the question of how to overcome anger in Islam.

How To Control it ?

1) Wudoo / Wudu


Allah SWT likes those who can restrain his anger. Thus we must be able to withstand anger. The first tip to contain anger in Islam is to do wudoo’.

Ablution water can also calm and extinguish the fire of anger in the heart so as not to explode and injure yourself or others.

“Surely anger is from Satan and Satan is created from fire. The fire will be extinguished with water. If any of you is angry, do wudoo’.
(HR. Abu Dawood, no. 4784. Al-Hafizh Abu Thahir said that this hadith is hasan)

2) Multiply dhikr and ask for the protection of Allah SWT

dhikr and ask for the protection of Allah SWT
dhikr and ask for the protection of Allah SWT

Tips to withstand anger in Islam next is to multiply the remembrance to Allah SWT such as reading istighfar, takbir, tahmid, etc. Dhikr is not only recited after prayer. Dhikr can also be read in certain circumstances such as when a person is angry.

The source of anger in Islam is caused by satan, so please protect Allah SWT to avoid the temptation of satan, the way is by reading a lot of Ta’awwudz.

Sulaiman ibn Shurod radhiyallahu ‘anhu said,

كُنْتُ جَالِسًا مَعَ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ وَرَجُلاَنِ يَسْتَبَّانِ، فَأَحَدُهُمَا احْمَرَّ وَجْهُهُ، وَانْتَفَخَتْ أَوْدَاجُهُ، فَقَالَ النَّبِيُّ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ: ” إِنِّي لَأَعْلَمُ كَلِمَةً لَوْ قَالَهَا ذَهَبَ عَنْهُ مَا يَجِدُ، لَوْ قَالَ: أَعُوذُ بِاللَّهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ، ذَهَبَ عَنْهُ مَا يَجِدُ “

“One day I sat down with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and two men were uttering profanity on each other. One of them was red with his face and strained his neck.

Then the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I know a word if it is recited to him if he wants to read, ‘A’udzubillahi minas-syaitani’ (I seek refuge in Allah from the temptations of Satan), will be lost his anger.”
(Narrated by Al-Bukhaari, no. 3282)

3) Don’t Talking

Don't Talking
Don’t Talking

The next solution to restraining anger in Islam is to be silent, or not to talk. This can be a solution to effective emotional control.

When you want to get angry, hold back and stop talking. Don’t let one word come out of your mouth.

Being quiet means you’re giving your brain time to think back to anger and help relieve anger.

There is a hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad,

وَ إِذَا غَضِبَ أَحَدُكُمْ فَلْيَسْكُتْ

“If any of you are angry, shut up.” (HR. Ahmad, 1: 239. Shaykh Shu’aib al-Arnauth said that this hadith sanad hasan lighairihi)

4) Stay away from the surroundings for a moment

Tips to avoid anger in islam other than try not to be in an environment with many people.

In addition to further aggravating the stress caused by anger that occurs, it will also make you vent anger at the people around you.

It’s best to avoid the crowd and be alone somewhere for a while to calm down the emotionally disturbed. This is so that the heart feels relaxed. Do not forget to always remember and ask Allah SWT for forgiveness.

5) Sport


Feelings of anger can also be channeled in a positive way that is by doing sports.

In addition to being healthy, exercising is also known to increase endorphin hormones that are able to trigger happiness so that anger can gradually subside.

By exercising, we can more easily control emotions and anger, so as not to harm yourself as well as those around you.

And most importantly, avoiding anger in Islam can bring great rewards.

From Mu’adz radhiyallahu ‘anhu, the Messenger of Allaah ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

“Whoever restrains his anger when he is able to overflow it, Allah will call him before the creatures on the Day of Resurrection to give him the choice of angel he wants.”
(HR. Abu Daud, no. 4777; Ibn Maajah, no. 4186. Al-Hafizh Abu Thahir said that this hadeeth is sanadnya hasan)

6) Take a Deep and Slow Breath

When you get angry, your breath will be shorter and faster. Take a deep, slow breath from your nose and remove it from your mouth for a while.

By taking a deep and slow breath, it is expected that your anger can subside. Repeat this until the chest and heart feel better so that the mind becomes cold.

7) Sleep


Perhaps this last way of overcoming anger in Islam is a way that has two virtues. In addition to avoiding anger, it can also help the body rest.

When waking up, the feeling may get better and the body will also become refreshed, so that the mood can be better. discussions about anger in Islam and how to overcome it that MoslimDaily can convey. Hopefully useful.

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Adverse Effects

Emotion or anger can also be interpreted as mental tension arising from rejection of what is undesirable.

Psychologically, anger can negatively affect the heart due to the increase in adrenaline hormones that will affect the speed of heart rate and increase the use of oxygen.

In fact, according to the results of modern research, emotions or anger that repeatedly can shorten life because of attacks from various psychiatric diseases and physical diseases.

Speaking angrily in Islam, a Muslim will surely look for the best example in doing so.

Who else should be a Muslims Role model if not the Messenger of Allah صله الله عليه وسلم. How he manages emotions is mentioned in a story. At that time the Messenger of Allah صله الله عليه وسلم was walking with Anas ra, suddenly there was a Bedouin chasing and immediately pulled his turban violently.

Anas said, “I saw the turban pull on the neck of the Apostle.” He said, “O Muhammad, grant me of what Allah has given you.”

Instead of being angry, the Messenger of Allah صله الله عليه وسلم just turned around smiling and ordered friends to give enough wealth to the bedouin.

The attitude of the Messenger of Allah صله الله عليه وسلم illustrates how great he is in controlling emotions. He was hurt, humiliated in front of people, and forcibly asked for alms, but he was not angry. This is how to overcome anger in Islam.

Medically, the habit of responding to something with anger can have a negative impact on health There are some diseases that can infect people who like to be angry.

1. Weakening the Immune System

The first bad effect of anger in Islam is that it can cause a person to get sick easily. Why is that?

Scientists at Harvard University found in healthy people, that simply asking them to recall angry experiences from the past, can lead to a six-hour drop in levels of immunoglobulin A antibodies, which are the first line of defense of cells against infection.

2. Exacerbating Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are directly proportional to anger. A 2012 study published in the journal Cognitive Behavior Therapy found angry emotions can exacerbate symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

its. a condition characterized by excessive and uncontrollable worries that interfere with the daily life of the person.

3. Increasing The Risk of Heart Disease

Anger is also directly related to one of the body’s most important organs. Yes, grumpy can have a negative impact on heart health!

Grumpy can trigger physiological changes that affect the blood, thus increasing the risk of heart attack or related problems temporarily.

Reported from Harvard Health Publishing, research shows that within two hours of an explosion of anger, a person is at higher risk of experiencing chest pain (angina), heart attack, or heart rhythm risk.

The cause is the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline that make the heart beat faster and blood pressure rises. Anger also makes your blood more likely to clot, which is especially dangerous when your arteries are narrowed by cholesterol-containing plaque.

4. Increase Stroke Risk

Stroke Risk
Stroke Risk

Another serious illness due to grumpy habits is stroke. The explosion of anger causes blood clots to the brain or bleeding inside the brain to rise higher.

For people who already have an aneurysm in one of the brain arteries, the risk of an aneurysm to rupture becomes six times higher after an explosion of anger.

5. Causes Depression


People who experience depression often show passive anger, i.e. tend to harbor their anger rather than take action.

People like this are encouraged to keep themselves busy and stop thinking too much. Many activities can be a remedy to overcome anger such as jogging, cycling, playing ball, writing, etc.

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