5 Tips How to Relieve Stress in Islam

5 Ways How to Relieve Stress in Islam, Easy to Do

Every human being in his daily life must have experienced disappointment, failure or reality that did not meet previous expectations.

This condition can lead us to uncomfortable situations, feeling sad, anxious, hesitant, or confused.

The condition, if not treated properly, will trigger ongoing stress. According to psychologists, stress is an individual’s adaptive reaction to a situation perceived as a threat.

The situation is difficult for the individual concerned to overcome.

Islam recognizes stress as a form of trial given by God to strengthen the faith of His servants.

In the Qur’an surah Al-Baqarah verse 155 Allah SWT said, which means
“And we will surely test you with fear and hunger and lack of wealth, lives and fruits, and give glad tidings to the patient.”

If you’re in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, don’t get emotionally triggered. Try to be calmer to be more jerni when thinking and making decisions.

Do not hesitate to follow the method of settlement that your religion recommends. If you are a Muslim, follow what Islam teaches you

1. Pray

Relieve Stress with Praying
Relieve Stress with Praying

The first way to relieve stress according to Islam is to pray. Because, prayer is a medium we communicate to Allah SWT.

By keeping obligatory prayers and performing the sunnah prayers that have been recommended, it can help maintain peace of mind until it is able to overcome all the emotional problems that we feel.

Through prayer, we can draw closer to the Creator, whom there is nothing better than facing Him. In addition, prayer can also make us calmer and more peaceful.

2. Du’a

Relieve Stress with dua
Relieve Stress with dua

The next way to relieve stress according to Islam is to Du’a. God knows what we want even if we do not say it.

However, praying directly to God means that we speak to Him, which indirectly will also make the feeling much more relieved.

Let’s say we are talking to Allah SWT about what we are dealing with that makes us stressed. However, it does not mean that in the speech we complain, then blame God for what happened.

3. Ikhlas

Ikhlas is the most basic and most important thing in every act of worship and deeds that we do. Ikhlas is like a bridge that connects us to the path of salvation to the hereafter.

Ikhlas also brings peace of mind in us and can save us from the punishment of Allah SWT.

If all our actions are intended sincerely in order to expect the pleasure of God, God willing whatever results obtained will not make us stressed.

4. Dhikr

The next way to relieve stress according to Islam is to remember. Dhikr means to remember Allah; not only in the oral but also for every deed we do.

Present God in every breath we pray, so we will be calm as the word of Allah SWT which means;

“Remember, it is only by remembering Allah that the heart is at rest.” (Q. S. Ar-Ra’d).

Dhikr that is intended for Allah will be a peace of mind, telebih dhikr that contains many words of Allah, such as verses of chairs and other dhikr.

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5. (Tawakal)

One of the keys in dealing with stress is always grateful and accepting all the gifts of Allah SWT.

This has been taught in the Qur’an surah Al-Fatihah verse 2 and Al-Baqarah verse 156, those who, when disaster strikes, say

“Inna lillahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji’uun”.

The two sayings above are very familiar on our tongues and when we understand the meaning every time we say them when facing trials. Then there will be a great psychological force to be able to deal with the calamity.

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