How To Use Siwak / Miswak ?

Siwak or miswak is a type of wood specifically to give teeth. Siwak activities are familiar to a Muslim. Because the Prophet (pbuh) himself encouraged his people to pray.

It is said that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) liked and appreciated miswak so much that he advised his people to pray every time.

Here are tips for using siwak

1. Skinning the Ends of The Wood


If you use new siwak wood, you need to skin the tip of the miswak wood about 1 to 3 cm with a knife.

2. Chew the Edge of Wood


After the tip of the siwak is skinned and then bite and chew to make the wood fibers of the twigs become separated as well as the bristles of the toothbrush. When it is chewed you will feel a spicy sensation in the mouth. The more you chew the wood fibers, the softer it will feel.

3. Soak In Water


Siwak is a traditional oral cleaning tool, as is the case with toothbrushes or other oral health products today.

To add a sensation of aroma (toothpaste substitute) is to soak the tip of the wood siwak into lemon water or rose water so that it is more fragrant. Soaking the siwak in water also makes the siwak softer and more comfortable to use.

4. Hold The Miswak In The Correct Position


After the miswak is soaked, it is time to clean the teeth. The trick is to press the end of the soaked wood with an up-and-down motion and rotate on the layer of teeth.

Don’t forget to use a miswak all over the surface of the tooth to the sidelines that are difficult to reach. Pressing the miswak should not be too hard or too close to the gums as it could be injured.

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5. Keep The Siwak In a Dry Place


How to save Miswak

Provide a special place to store miswak that has been used. Make sure the place is clean and dry.

this is important so as not to encourage the onset of mold because the wood is likely damp.

Keep miswak away from sinks or toilets to avoid accidental bacterial displacement from splashing water.

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