Human Before Prophet Adam, Is Thats Really Exist?

Who was the first human on earth? Never mind before, if there is an opinion we may not be a descendant of Adam US. Be patient, don’t be surprised and blaspheme first.

In history, it is mentioned that the age of the human race since its creation until now is not more than seven thousand years old, namely the children of Adam. There is even an opinion saying that Adam was created after the extinction of seven previous generations of “humans”.

In Islamic history, the Prophet Muhammad SAW was born in Mecca on Monday, the 12th of Rabiul Awal in the year of the Elephant, the name of this year when Abrahah, the Governor of Ethiopia invaded Mecca and sought to destroy The Kaaba with its army of elephants. It currently coincides with April 20, 571 AD.

Thus, the distance between the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW and Prophet Isa AS is estimated to be 571 years. While the distance between Jesus and Moses is about 1716 or 1900 years. Between Moses and Abraham 545 years, and between Abraham and Thufan about 1080 years. Then Thufan and Prophet Adam AS, the first human father, about 2242 years old.

Armed with the above information, the distance between the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW and Prophet Adam US, according to accurate and well -known opinion among historians is about 6155 years.

If we add with the current year, then we will find the following formula: 2013 – 571 = 1442. The period between Prophet Adam US and Prophet Muhammad SAW 6155 years. So the time of Prophet Adam US until now is: 6155 + 1442 = 7597 years or so.

Based on these calculations, it is clear that the age of Adam’s descendants is still far beyond 1 million years. In fact, the ancient human fossil Megantropus Paleojavanicus is estimated to have lived 2 million to 1 million years ago. Megantropus Paleojavanicus lived during the Paleolithic period, the Old Stone Age.

Number Of Children Of Prophet Adam AS

If the research of these archaeologists is correct, then it can be confirmed that Megantropus Paleojavanicus was first discovered by GHR Von Koenigswald in 1936 and 1941 in Sangir, this is clearly not from the race of the Children of Adam, it is not known whether they belong to the race of humans or apes like darwin’s theory.

Based on the interpretation of the Quran and the narrations, there can be no doubt that all human beings that exist today are descended from Prophet Adam, and he was the first human being of this generation.

However, before the Prophet Adam, there were generations or several generations similar to humans called “Insan or Nisnas”. However, there is no accurate information related to their details, personal typology and life model.

There is a commentary that reveals that it is possible that when the creation of Adam there were also some people from previous generations as some scholars mention this in explaining the marriage of the children of Adam.

Shaykh Shaduq in the book Al-Khisal, narrated from Imam Baqir who said “Allah SWT since creating the earth, created seven realms in it (then extinct) where none of these realms came from the generation of Adam, the father of man, and Allah SWT always created them on earth and held generation after generation and nature after nature appeared until the end, creating Adam and his descendants (humans) descended from him. ”

Shaykh Allamah Thabathabai said, “In Jewish history it is mentioned that the age of the human race since its creation until now is not more than seven thousand years old. However, geologists believe that human genes are over millions of years old. They present a number of arguments and fossils that say that there are human relics in these fossils.

In addition, they also revealed the propositions of skeletons (skulls) that have been petrified belonging to ancient humans whose age, respectively, fossils and skeletons were assessed, based on scientific criteria of about five hundred thousand years. Such is their belief.

But the arguments they present are not satisfactory. There is no evidence to establish that these fossils are the petrified bodies of the ancestors of humans today. Nor is there any proposition that can rule out the possibility that these petrified skulls are related to one of the periods of human life on earth, as it may be, and it may not be.

That is, our period as human beings may not be connected with the fossil periods that have been mentioned, it may even be related to human beings who lived on earth before the creation of Adam, the father of man then became extinct.

Similarly, the emergence of human beings whose extinction is repeated, until after some period it is the turn of the current human generation “.
Therefore, it can be concluded that there were human beings before the creation of Adam and after human beings Adam was created then angels were assigned to prostrate to him.

However, the Qur’an does not explicitly mention the process of human emergence on earth.

Is the emergence of this type of being (human) on earth limited to the 4th period now in which we live, or are the many periods and periods of which we humans are now the last period?

What we must believe is that we are the descendants of the Prophet Adam, but it is possible that God had previously created man before Adam then God destroyed him and created again and then destroyed again and so on until our time the people of the Prophet Muhammad who is also the descendants of the Prophet Adam.

The answer to the above question is of course only Allah SWT knows.

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