Human Created from The Clay?

Many verses of the Quran mention that the Prophet Adam as. as the first man created by Allah swt. derived soil. This is what shows that man was created from the ground. Among the verses mentioning this is in surah Ali Imran verse 73 and surah Al-A’raf verse 12.

Hadith of the Messenger of Allah, “Verily Allah created Adam from a lump of earth taken from all the places on earth…” proving the scientific miracles that the Messenger of Allah pbuh had.

Because, based on research, the elements contained in the human body are also found in the soil. The human body consists of water (its content is between 54-70%), fats (14-26%), proteins (11-17%), carbohydrates (10%), and inorganic elements (5-6%).

If the content is decomposed into its basic elements, it will be obtained that the human body consists of oxygen (65%), carbon (18%), hydrogen (10%), nitrogen (3%), calcium (1.40%), phosphorus (0.70%), sulfur (0.20%), potassium (0.18%), sodium (0.10%), chlorine (0.10%), magnesium (0.054%), and several other elements (0.014%), such as iodine, fluorine, bromine, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, chrome, cobalt, nickel, molihdenum, vanadium, silicone, and aluminum.

The chemical elements that the soil contains are no different from the chemical elements present in the human body. On that basis, the Qur’an mentions that man was created from the ground.

In the opinion of Prof. Zaghlul, the development of the human body is also influenced by the elements of the earth. The fetus, which is in the mother’s belly, eats and grows from the blood of her mother. Meanwhile, the mother’s blood comes from the food grown by the earth’s land and water.

After birth, babies eat from breast milk or formula milk, both of which are also derived from the elements of the earth. After weaning, the child eats from fruits and meat that are also derived from soil elements.

Herein lies the wisdom of why God created plants first than animals, and created animals first than humans. The creation of man begins from the ground and ends in the ground, to then be resurrected again on the doomsday.

The information in verse 12 of surah Al-A’rãf is the implicit message of the Qur’an that the elements in the human body are actually the same as the elements of the earth because humans were created from the ground, as this verse relates,

“whereas he thou created from the ground.”

Understanding the meaning of the passage above by making a hypothesis that the chemical elements in the human body are no different from the chemical elements contained by the soil, then there are 2 conclusions from the results of research and analysis of this hypothesis, namely from the research of chemical elements in the soil and the human body found that the human body consists of water, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and other organic elements.

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If this content is decomposed into its basic elements, it will be obtained that the human body consists of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and other elements, such as iodine, iron, copper, and so on.

While in the soil itself there is also oxygen and hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, aluminum, minerals, silokon, aluminum, magnesium, potassium and many other elements resembling elements in the human body.

Meanwhile, another conclusion that comes from the results of the analysis, namely that the process of human growth is influenced by soil elements, starting from the human fetus, the food from what the mother eats is actually sourced from animals that eat plants and plants that grow from the ground.

And after birth until he grows up, humans also eat and drink whose source is from plants and animals that live from food sourced from the soil.

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