Is’t permissible for non-Muslims to enter the mosque?

sIn al-Fiqhul Islami wa Adillatuhu, Shaykh Wahbah al-Zuhaili (d. 2015) has explained the non-Muslim law of entering the mosque by quoting some of the opinions of scholars. There are three opinions of scholars related to the law of non-Muslims entering the mosques, as follows;

First, according to malikiyah scholars, the law of non-Muslims entering the mosque is makruh and should be prevented except in case of emergency. For example, work to improve mosques because it is more expert than Muslims.

وقال المالكية يمنع دخول الكافر المسجد وإن أذن له مسلم إلا لضرورة عمل، ومنها قلة أجرته عن المسلم في عمل ما، وإتقانه العمل على الظاهر

“Maliki scholars say, ‘Non-Muslims should be prevented from entering the mosque despite the permission of Muslims except because of the emergency of work, among others because of the cost of work compared to Muslims and more professional in work.”

Second, according to Imam Abu Hanifah and hanafiyah scholars, non-Muslims can enter mosques, both the Grand Mosque and mosques in general.

وأجاز أبو حنيفة لكافر دخول كل مسجد

“Abu Haneefah stated that non-Muslims are allowed to enter all mosques.”

Third, according to shafiiyah and Hanabilah scholars, non-Muslims can enter mosques other than the Grand Mosque with the condition of obtaining approval from local Muslims.

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As for the Grand Mosque, then non Muslims are forbidden to enter it and must be prevented if it is known that there are non Muslims want to enter it.

ويجوزعند الشافعية للكافر دخول المسجد غير المسجد الحرام وحرم مكة، وله أن يبيت فيه، ولو كان جنباً في الأصح، ولكن بإذن المسلمين.

“Shafiiyah scholars also allow non-Muslims to enter the mosque except to enter the Grand Mosque and the haram of Mecca. It is permissible for non-Muslims to stay in the mosque even in junub circumstances according to the most valid opinion as long as they have the approval of the Muslims.”

Thus the opinion of scholars related to the law of entering mosques for non-Muslims. So it is fitting that this kind of problem is not used as material for dividing. As long as there is goodwill and respect, visit and enter the place of worship of our brothers and sisters of different faiths.

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