Islam in the United States before Columbus

Islam before Columbus | Christopher Columbus referred to America as ‘The New World’ when he first set foot on the continent on October 21, 1492.

However, for Muslims in the golden era, America is not a ‘New World’ Because, 603 years before the Spanish explorer discovered the continent, Muslim explorers from West Africa had built civilization in the Americas.

Western historical claims that declared Columbus the discoverer of the Americas were finally broken.

A series of historians discovered that Muslim explorers had set foot and spread Islam on the continent more than half a millennium before Columbus.

Historically Muslims have contributed to science, art, and humanity in the Americas.

“There is no doubt that historically Muslims had influenced the evolution of American society centuries before Christopher Columbus discovered it,” Fareed H. Numan wrote in American Muslim History A Chronological Observation.

History records Muslims from Africa having established relationships with native Americans, long before Columbus arrived.

5 Proof That America Is a Lost Muslim Country

Historian Ivan Van Sertima in his work They Came Before Columbus proves the existence of contact between African Muslims and Native Americans.

In another work, African Presence in Early America, Van Sertima, found that Muslim traders from Arabia were also very actively trading with people living in America.

Van Sertima also said, when setting foot in the Americas, Columbus also expressed his admiration for the Caribbean people who were already Muslim.

“Columbus was also the year that Muslims from the West coast of Africa had lived first in the Caribbean, Central America, South, and North,” Van Sertima said. Muslims who originally traded have built communities in the region by marrying natives.

According to Van Sertima, Columbus claimed to have seen a mosque while sailing through Gibara on the Cuban Coast. In addition, the Spanish explorer has also witnessed magnificent standing mosque buildings in Cuba, Mexico, Texas, and Nevada.

That is clear evidence that Islam had seeded its civilization in the Americas long before the West arrived.

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