Islam Rejects The Caste System

Speaking of caste is indeed sensitive in India. Moreover, in a number of secluded places. This caste system is very influential, as people from the lower castes are forbidden to often relate to people with higher castes.

Even worse, they can’t share food, cook for them or even see them right in their own eyes. So extreme, their shadows seemed haraam or forbidden to fall on the shadows of those of the higher castes than him. Reason? Higher caste citizens regard it as unclean or pollute themselves

Caste system in india

India does divide society over several castes. Brahmins become the top caste who are generally religious experts. Then, the second-placed Knight who has a profession as a soldier or ruler. Furthermore, Waisya for traders, and Sudra for those who farm or labor.

Apparently there is a fifth caste that does not actually fit into this core structure, they are called dalits. Dalits have the meaning of ‘the oppressed’ in Sanskrit.

Thus, they are considered impure and do not deserve important rights in their social lives.

Although the Indian government has enacted a law prohibiting discrimination based on the caste system. However, it seems that the traditional values of some Indians are still strong.

In contrast to islamic treatises that never make caste as a benchmark in his social life.

What Quran Say About Caste System

what quran say about caste system
what quran say about caste system

As Allah swt said :

“O mankind, We created you from a man and a woman, and made you nations and tribes that you may know one another. Surely the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most godless of you. Surely Allah is All-Knowing, All-Knowing.” (QS) Al-Hujurat: 3)

Tafseer surah Al Hujurat verse 13 is extracted from TafsirIbnu Katsir, Tafsir Fi Zhilalil Quran, Tafsir Al Azhar, Tafsir Al Munir and Tafsir Al Misbah.

Man is a descendant. Through sura Al Hujurat verse 13, Allah SWT informs that all human beings are one descendant.

From the same ancestors Adam and Eve. Thus, there is no caste difference in life. Everything is equal and equal in the side of Allah SWT.

From the same descendants, man then made Allah SWT developed into a very much. Nations and tribes. This is the basic principle of human relationships. That, already sunnatullah man is diverse.

Because they were made By Allah SWT nations and tribes. With that diversity, Allah SWT wants people to know each other.

The closer the introduction to others, the more open cooperation opportunities and mutual benefits.

Sura Al Hujurat verse 13 confirms that a diverse human being is indeed equal before God.

What sets them apart is their laughter. The glory of men in the sight of Allah is directly proportional to their level of piety.

The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“God does not look at your looks and your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and your deeds.” (HR. Muslim)

This verse is used by the Messenger to eliminate all forms of discrimination. In makkah’s fathu sermon.

Before delivering the letter al-Hujurat verse 13, muhammad said:

O mankind! The human being has only two kinds; the virtuous, the godfearing, the honourable in the sight of God. and the wicked, the wretched and despised in the sight of Allah.” (HR. Tirmidzi)

Faith and Taqwa in Islam

All human beings are equal before Allah SWT. What distinguishes is his piety. The noblest man in the sight of Allah SWT is the most godly. Allah SWT knows everything done by man, including how to be godfearing.

However, why in fact today there is still a criminalization, either through the division of castes or the appearance of demeaning attitudes of others by looking at educational degrees, social and other levels.

This is because, the current system of life, namely Capitalism-Secularism is indirectly an intermediary for the creation of the discrimination.

Therefore, this system that has been manifestly broken and destructive must be replaced immediately with a more capable system of life, namely Islamic shari’a derived from Divine revelation.

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