Islamic New Year, Kiswah of Kabah Replaced New

Moslimdaily – The kiswah of the Kabah cover cloth was replaced on the eve of the Islamic New Year 1 Muharram 1444 Hijri after the Isha prayer at the Grand Mosque, Mecca al Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia, Friday night July 29, 2022.

Workers climbed the hydraulic ladder opening one by one cloths inscribed with calligraphy of Quranic verses decorating the kiswah on the four sides of the Kaaba. A number of other workers in white uniforms with black vests were on top of the Kaaba to remove the black silk cloth that covered the Kaaba.

Meanwhile, thousands of worshippers thronged the Grand Mosque, witnessing a rare moment during the replacement of the kiswah while tawaf surrounded the Kaaba. Some sit on the edge of the mataf area or tawaf area watching the release of the kiswah cloth.

Usually, the kiswah is replaced every 9 Dhulhijjah when the pilgrims perform wukuf in Arafah. This year for the first time the replacement of kiswah was carried out on 1 Muharram by order of King Salman.

What Is The Kiswah Of Kabah Mean ?

Kiswah is made of black silk cloth decorated with calligraphy and Asmaul Husna embroidered with gold and silver threads. Making kiswah costs as much as 760 kg of silk and 120 kg of gold and 100 kg of silver at a cost of 25 million Saudi Riyals or equivalent to Rp100 billion made for 8-10 months by 220 technicians and weaving artists.

9 Interesting Facts About The Kaaba In Islam

The kiswah covering the Kaaba measures 6.3 meters by 3.3 meters. Inside are written several verses of the Quran and Asmaul Husna, in different forms, some are square, long and others.

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