Islamic Treasures For Sale, Including Kiswa of Kaabah 100 Years

A number of Muslims’ “treasures” were auctioned to raise funds for child refugees. The auction result in Dubai, United Arab Emirates managed to raise US$ 11 million or around Rp 148 billion.

One of the items auctioned was Kiswa, a 100-year-old ka’aan cover. Arabic embroidered fabric with gold and silver thread sold US$ 572 thousand or about Rp 7.7 billion.

The old kiswa is a private collection of Dubai’s leader, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In the years, the cover of the Ka’ba was indeed replaced. Now, the old Kiswa was partly given by the Saudi King to world leaders.


In addition to Kiswa, the object that was auctioned last Tuesday is a Koran made in the early 19th century relics of the Mogul-India period. In addition, there is also a handwritten Qur’an made in the 17th century.

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Each of the old manuscripts sold for US$ 68 thousand or about Rp 916 million. Meanwhile, five unique Dubai license plates sold for US$ 7 million or around Rp 94 billion.

The auction is part of The Reading Nation Ramadan campaign, organised by Dubai during Ramadan. The campaign will donate 7.3 million books and build 2000 schools in Arab countries and refugee camps.

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