It turns out that the Kaaba was once flooded

The Kaaba is a holy place for Muslims all over the world. This is where hajj and ‘Umrah are performed. But did you know that the Ka’ba was once flooded?

Perhaps not many people know this, because this incident happened a few decades ago. Precisely in 1941, floods caused by heavy rains that had flooded the city of Mecca for a whole week, day and night.

at that time, the height of the water reached 152 centimeters and had flooded the Masjid Al Haram complex including the Kaaba in it. This disaster makes the correction that the sewerage system is still not good, especially Makkah is in the middle of the valley and around it surrounded by several stone hills.


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It is not known exactly how many pilgrims were at the time. But there may not be much because in the 1920s pilgrims continued to decline. In 1922, there were 56,000 people.

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