Jewish woman convert to Islam after poisoning Prophet

After the Jews lost the Khaibar War, then surrendered, the Prophet gave them the freedom to remain in their homeland, and continued their agriculture.

It’s just that, in accordance with the agreement they have already tied up; Between Muslims and Jews, Muslims are entitled to receive a portion of their agricultural output.

Sheikh Said Ramadhan al-Buthi said, after a state of calm, the Prophet received a gift from a Jewish woman named Zainab bint Harith, wife of Salam bin Masykum, in the form of a roast lamb dish.

But before the dish was given to him, Zainab asked the companions which part of the lamb the Prophet liked the most.

Friends certainly know very well, namely the quadriceps. Soon after, Zainab prepared the thighs to be served to him.

It’s just that the very cunning Jewish woman mixed all the food with poison. In fact, the Prophet’s part he mixed with a mixture of poisons more than others.

The poisonous food gifted to the Prophet was a motive for the revenge carried out by Zainab to kill the Prophet and his companions, after her husband was killed in the war of Khaibar.

Zainab had no other way to kill the Prophet than by giving poisonous food. The Prophet sat side by side with the companions of Basyar bin Barra bin Marur, when the food was served to him and his companions.

After all the food was ready to eat, the Prophet took the toasted thighs of the roasted lamb, and put some of its meat in the mouth of the Prophet, but did not immediately swallow it.

At the same time, Basyar bin Barra actually directly ate meat mixed with the poison. That’s when the Prophet revealed his miracle. Sheikh al-Buthi mentioned:

إِنَّ هَذَا الْعَظْمَ لَيُخْبِرَنِي أَنّهُ مَسْمُومٌ

It means, “Really, this meat has told me, it has been (mixed) with poison.” *(Shaykh Al-Buthi, Fiqhus Sirah Nabawiyah ma’a Mujazin li Tarikhil Khilafatir Rasyidah).

This is one of the miracles of the Prophet. The dead animal had even been cooked once telling him that the meat to be eaten had been mixed with poison. This is not out of God’s care directly to His Messenger.

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After this incident the Prophet called Zainab, and asked all these heinous deeds. The Jewish woman confessed her evil deeds. The Prophet asked Zainab, “Why did you do it?”

Zainab replied, “If he had been a king, he would have died with poisonous food. However, if he is indeed a prophet, he will surely be informed.”

After Zainab confessed to all his work and fatal actions, it turned out that the Prophet gave forgiveness to him, even though basyar bin Barra died because he had swallowed the poisoned lamb he served.

But apparently, the decision of the Prophet contained a very extraordinary wisdom, where the mind of one friend did not reach him. After the incident, the poison-affixing woman immediately converted to Islam at that time in the presence of the Prophet.

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