LGBT Position in Islamic View

The campaign of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activist groups is on the rise and causing polemic. Many expressed opposition and denounced their campaigns, but others offered support.

Lgbt existence has actually been around for a long time. Even this abnormality of sex orientation is also known in the Islamic world.

In the world of fiqh literacy is known some terms related to LGBT. Some of these terms are khuntsa and mukhannats.

Referring to the book of Al Mughni fi Fiqhi Al Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal Ash Shaibani, khuntsa is a term used to refer to people with an unknown gender.

Usually there is only one gender inherent in a human being, it can be male or female. However, it is possible that a person born with a gender is not known for certain or even sex.

Those born in this condition are called khuntsa. This certainly brings its own legal consequences and the scholars agree a person in this condition should be included in the group of men or women.

To be classified in a particular group, it must be seen which gender is most actively developing or most widely used. If the genitals that develop best are penises then they are male and vice versa.

Even so, if there is a case of a person’s genitals growing is the vagina but he also has a virgin and other male physical features, he remains classified as khuntsa. This also applies to a person with male genitalia, but has female physical traits such as breast growth.

While the term mukhannats refers to a male or female lacquer that has the same traits and behaviors as the opposite sex. In the Book of Fath al-Bari which refers to the opinion of Ibn Hajar Asqalani, mukhannats are divided into two based on the reason.

How Islam Views Women ?

First, mukhannats appear from birth that make a man or woman behave like the opposite sex. In these circumstances, the person is still informed and encouraged to change his behavior.

Second, mukhannats that arise because of the desire of a man or woman who has akil baligh to behave and behave like the opposite sex. The scholars stated that they were cursed by the deeds of those who belonged to this group.

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