Mecca Before Islam in Islamic History

Mecca Before Islam

Mecca Al Mukarramah is a holy city that can only be entered by Muslims. In this city there is the Kaaba, a holy site that has a very important role in Islam.

Before muhammad was born and sent as an Apostle to spread the teachings of Islam, the Arab land, especially Mecca, was inhabited by idolaters. Even the Ka’ba was once a center of idolatry.

In fact, the Ka’ba is a sacred building left by Prophet Ibrahim AS so that people keep the faith and always worship God. After the death of Prophet Ibrahim AS, the Arab community actually deviated from the teachings of the Prophet and shirk by worshipping idols.

The cause of this condition is explained in the hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari. The hadith mentions the one who made the Arab community worship idols is none other than Amr bin Amr bin Luhay Al Khuzai.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “I saw Amru bin Luhay Al Khuza’iy pull his back to hell and he was the first to offer As Sawa’ib (saibah).”

Story of Amr ibn Lubay Bring Idols to Mecca

Mecca Before Islam in Islamic History
Mecca Before Islam in Islamic History


The Arab land, especially Mecca at the time of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and Ishmael (A.S.) were not idolatrous. Amr ibn Luhay was the first to bring idols to the Land of Arabia.

Kaaba : Paganism Worship Place Before Islam Exist

Ibn Hajar al-Ashqalani explained this fact in his book Fath al-Bari. He quoted the hadith narrated by Imam Tabrani from Ibn Abbas which stated amr ibn Lubay brought idols to Mecca, even changed the religion of Prophet Ibrahim AS.

“The first person to change the religion of Prophet Ibrahim was Amr bin Luhay bin Qam’ah bin Handaf Abu Huzaah.”

Influence of Tribes in Syria

Ibn Hajar explained clearly how chronologically Amr ibn Luhay could bring idols into Mecca. Quoting the view of the historian Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Hajar said Amr bun Luhay got an idol from the tribe of Al Amaliq who lived in Syria.

Ibn Ishaq mentioned that the reason for the worship of Amr ibn Luhay on idols was when Amr ibn Luhay went to Syria. There was a people worshipping idols there. Amr ibn Luhay asked that the Amaliqs give him one of the idols they worship and bring them into The City of Makkah. Amr then erected the idol in the Ka’ba, the idol which would later be named Hubal.”

Ibn Hajar also mentioned Amr ibn Luhay was the creator of two idols named Asaf and Nailah. The two idols were culled by the Arab community before the birth of the Messenger of Allah.

Amr ibn Luhay placed the two statues next to the Ka’ba. Whenever the tawaaf in the pre-Islamic period, they begin by holding Asaf’s head and ending it with Nailah’s head.

Since fathu mecca, all idols no longer exist in the Ka’ba. The Messenger of Allaah removed all the idols so that the Ka’ba would no longer be the center of idols.

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