Mosque in Israel That Maybe You Dont Know

Mosque(Masjid) in Israel | The land of Palestine is a historic land for three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Unfortunately, the land became a dispute between the Palestinians and the Zionists of Israel. Even now, Palestinian land is depleted and claimed as the state of Israel.

Nevertheless, traces of Islam cannot be removed from the land. There are at least three mosques standing in territory claimed by Israel. The existence of this mosque is an attraction in itself.

Apparently, there is a Muslim existence in Israel. Muslims in Israel make up 20 percent of the entire Jewish-majority population.

here are 3 of the most famous mosques in the territory claimed by Israel:

1) Hassan Bek Mosque – 3 Mosques in Israel


Hassan Bek - 3 Mosques in Israel
Hassan Bek – 3 Mosques in Israel

The mosque is located in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. First built in 1916 as part of Jaffa, it is one of Tel Aviv’s most famous mosques and has been the source of much controversy.

The mosque’s history and deep symbolic significance for jaffa’s Arab community, have sparked much fierce debate about its presence in one of the city’s main cities.

Its Ottoman style of architecture is in stark contrast to the surrounding contemporary office buildings and hotels.

2) Sidna Ali Mosque – 3 Mosques in Israel


Sidna Ali - 3 Mosques in Israel
Sidna Ali – 3 Mosques in Israel

The Masjid was built on the 11th abda. In the past, this mosque stood in an area called al Haram village.

However, its existence is now very unique, as the Sidna Ali Mosque operates on the waterfront of one of herzliya’s most prestigious Jewish neighborhoods, north of Tel Aviv.

Not only as a place of worship for Muslims, this Masjid also serves as a religious school after existing buildings were repaired several times in recent centuries, mainly because the minaret was destroyed in the WW1 bombing

3) Al Bahr – 3 Mosques in Israel


This is a small Masjid located on the north side of Park Slope, on the Sea Wall Promenade. In the southwest corner there is a tower containing a muezzin room.



A Dutch painting in 1675 depicts a masjid reminiscent of this Ja’ama’a Mosque, but the exact data of when the construction of this mosque is unknown.

Muslim sailors often perform prayers at this masjid before setting sail. The mosque/masjid was renovated in 1997, and is now closed to visitors

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