Muhammad is the 50th descendant of Adam

Talking about the origins of humans, you should never say that humans were apes as mentioned in biology lessons in schools. But let it remain a school curriculum because it is supported by in-depth research.

Okay, let’s forget about the history of the apes because we will discuss it that is more acceptable to the human mind, because humans must have come from humans, not from animals because God created them differently.

Let’s start with the creation of Adam, which is calculated from now on approximately 7000 years. Prophet Adam according to the story is up to 930 years old with a height of approximately 12 meters.

Prophet Adam reproduced up to 400 thousand people before he died. One of his children named Syits who also belongs to the prophet class and from his descendants was born the prophet Idris and successively to the prophet Noah until there came the biggest flood disaster in history which killed almost all the population in the world, because the flood itself reached as high as a mountain.

A new life in the world began where only a few people lived from the people of the prophet Noah. Prophet Noah, who reached the age of 950 years, then reproduced until the human population then multiplied and spread to various regions. In short we come to the birth of the prophet Muhammad SAW.

Muhammad (Arabic: ; born in Mecca, 570 AD – died in Medina, June 8, 632 AD) was a prophet and the last apostle for Muslims.

He continued his descendants to the Prophet Ismail bin Ibrahim ‘Peace be upon him. Continued also descendants to the Prophet Noah ‘Peace be upon him. Next to the Prophet Syits ‘Peace be upon him (not an apostle but a Prophet) the son of Prophet Adam ‘Peace be upon him. Prophet Muhammad SAW is the 50th (fifty) descendant of the Prophet Adam ‘alaihissalam.

Number Of Children Of Prophet Adam AS

The following is a complete genealogy of the Prophet Muhammad  from the Prophet Adam ‘alaihissalam to the Prophet Muhammad SAW:

1. Adam ‘Peace
2. Syits ‘Peace be upon him, bin
3. Yanish, bin
4. Qinan, bin
5. Mahlil, bin
6. Yarda , bin
7. Akhnukh (Idris ‘alaihissalam), bin
8. Mutushaikh, bin
9. Lamik, bin
10. Noah ‘alaihissalam, bin
11. Sam, bin
12. Arfakhsyad, bin
13. Shalikh, bin
14. Aybir, bin
15 Falikh, bin
16. Ra’u, bin
17. Saru’, bin
18. Nahur, bin
19. Tarih (Azar), bin
20. Ibrahim ‘Peace be upon him, bin
21. Ismail ‘Peace be upon him, bin
22. Nabit, bin
23 . Yashjub, bin
24. Ya’rub, bin
25. Tayrah, bin
26. Nahur, bin
27. Al-Muqawwam, bin
28. Udad, bin
29. Adnan, bin
30. Ma’ad, bin
31. Nizar, bin
32. Mudhar, bin
33. Ilyas, bin
34. Mudrikah, bin
35. Khuzaima, bin
36. Kinanah, bin
37. An-Nadhr, bin
38. Malik, bin
39. Fihr (Quraish), bin
40. Ghalib, bin
41. Luayy, bin
42. Ka’ab, bin
43. Murrah, bin
44. Kilab, bin
45. Qushoi, bin
46. ​​Abdi Manaf, bin
47. Hashim, bin
48. Abdul Muttalib (Shaibah), bin
49. Abdullah, bin
50. Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad SAW was born orphaned, namely the death of his father (Abdullah) around the age of seven months in the womb of his mother (Siti Aminah).

He was born in the year of the elephant, because it coincided with the attack of the elephant army who deliberately came to destroy the Kaaba.

The elephant army was the army of the king of Habasyah led by one of his governors named Abraha, all riding elephants which were then destroyed by Allah by the attack of the Ababil bird, as described in the Quran Surah Al-fiil verses 1-5.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW himself has several names or titles, as narrated by Jubair bin Mut’im that the Messenger of Allah said:

“I am Muhammad, I am Ahmad, I am al-Mahi who with my cause Allah has removed kufr, I am al-Hasyir. who gathers people, I am al-‘A’qib who is no longer a prophet after me”. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

The last prophet who became the ancestor of the prophet Muhammad was the prophet Ismail son of Abraham. Ismail himself is known as the father of the Arabs. And the great thing is that until now the name “Muhammad” is listed as the most widely used name in the world

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