Prophet Muhammad have good relations with non Muslims

Prophet Muhammad establishing good relations with non Muslims

Prophet Muhammad is an exemplary role in establishing relationships with Non Muslims.

Not only harmonious with fellow Muslims, he also became an example in establishing relationships with other religious groups.

Here are the facts that the Prophet Muhammad established good relations with non-Muslims.

The Prophet was good friends with Waraqah, a Christian who was good at the Torah and the Gospels, was the first to preach prophetic truth. No kidding, the question of truth is justified first by people outside Islam.

First fact

Further evidence, in 615 AD, the Prophet and his companions emigrated and took refuge in Abissina, the area ruled by the Christian king of Monophysite. The Prophet and his companions were good friends with the king who was not Muslim.

Second fact

Then in 628 AD, the Prophet was visited by a group of Najran Jews, he allowed them to perform services in his Mosque. The Prophet did not forbid them to perform worship in places of worship of Muslims.

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Third fact

The next proof, in the Charter of Medina, article 1 is mentioned, the Muslims and those who are allied with them (non-Muslims) are one people. They’re brothers with each other.

Fourth fact

Then there is chapter 6, also called, Jews who follow the Muslims have the same right as them to be helped and protected. There is no discrimination between all religions.

Fifth fact

And in chapter 37 also mentioned, Muslims and Jews are responsible for their respective religions. The problems in their world must respect each other.

Sixth fact

Those are the facts of the Prophet’s closeness and friendship with non-Muslims. The Prophet made good friendships with them and never committed hostility, except those who fought against the Prophet and his companions

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