Muslim in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is in mainland China. Geographically, its area reaches 1,104 sq km. The area includes Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Sai Kung, New Territory, Lantau Island and about 260 smaller islands around it.

During colonial times, Hong Kong was a colony of Great Britain. Since the end of the Opium Wars, Britain has controlled the region for 99 years. Right in 1997, the territory was finally “handed over” to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). From then on, the PRC special-administrative region adhered to the principle of “one country, two systems”.

Hong Kong has a very high population density compared to other cities in East Asia. The population of Hong Kong reaches 7.5 million people, including residents migrants who are non-China nationals.

Kowloon, for example, has a density of up to 6,300 people per sq km. According to ethnic division, 95 percent of Hong Kong residents are ethnic Chinese. The remaining five percent come from various ethnic groups, including European, South Asian , Indonesia, the Philippines, and Japan.

Islam Trip In Hongkong

Thomas Kwan Choi Tse in his article, “Hong Kong—Pluralistic but Sparate Religious Education in A Multi-religious City” (2020), explains, there are several significant religious or religious beliefs in Hong Kong. They are Buddhism and Taoism (more than one million adherents), Protestant Christianity (500 thousand people), Catholic (389 thousand people), Islam (300 thousand people), Hinduism (100 thousand people), and Sikhs (1 2 thousand people).

The history of Islamic da’wah in Hong Kong dates back to the British colonial period. Initially, the Muslim immigrants in the city-state came from India. Most of them work as soldiers in the British military.

Since the mid-19th century, more and more Muslim soldiers and businessmen have arrived in Hong Kong. They don’t only come from South Asia, but also the Mainland China. As the Muslim population grew, the British protectorate government allocated land for them to live in. The rulers also supported the establishment of mosques and Muslim burial areas.

Among the Muslim gatherings there are around the Wan Chai District. The centerpiece is the Wan Chai Mosque. The oldest mosque in Hong Kong is the Jamia Mosque, which was founded in 1890 AD.

The Muslims have contributed to the local economic and social life. They also organize organizations as a medium to strengthen relations. Muslims in Hong Kong have historically been treated separately from PRC Muslims, for example, in terms of hajj arrangements.

Of the approximately 300,000 Muslims in Hong Kong, about half are Indonesian. They live there as students, students, or Indonesian migrant workers (PMI). Almost all PMI in one of the world’s financial centers are women.

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