Muslims Worship The Kaaba? This is the Fact!

Muslims worship The Kaaba?

Who doesn’t know the world’s leading debating experts today. Dr. Zakir Naik is a Muslim who became a leading religious comparison expert thanks to his intelligence.

He was able to answer all the questions thrown at him. Not just the Qur’an. Even the Bible was peeled off by him. And often makes his opponent do not reply to his arguments.

On one occasion, dr. Zakir Naik was questioned by a Christian audience.

“Dr. Zakir. I’m a Christian. I want to ask, Islam forbids idolatry, but why do Muslims worship the Kaaba?“.

As usual, with a smile and a distinctive greeting, Dr. Zakir gave a little greeting to this Christian woman’s question with the words “very good sister. My sister has asked me a good point.”.

zakir naik
zakir naik

Dr. Zakir continued to answer this Christian woman’s question:

“My sister, no Muslim worships the Kaaba. But the Muslims make the Kaaba as a direction. If the Ka’bah is not a qiblat (direction) then when a Muslim wants to pray. Some say face the tmur, others say face north. Others will face south, then there will be no unity.

So as a measure of unity, wherever a Muslim is, will be in the same direction that is the Kaaba”.

Dr. Zakir added the answer “And in the time of Rasululullah SAW, there were friends who climbed up and stood on the Ka’bah to recite the adhan.

If a Muslim worships the Kaaba, there is no worshipper who is willing to stand on his deity.

So this proves that Muslims do not worship the Ka’aba. The Kaaba is only a qiblah (direction) for Muslims.

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