Naming a child in Islam that Allah likes

Naming a child in Islam that Allah likes | For some, it doesn’t matter if you don’t prepare a name for the child to be born. But not a few have been busy making a list of names since before the child was born into the world.

In everyday interactions we may often hear the phrase ‘what is the meaning of a name’. It turns out that for Islam, the name has an important meaning. On the Day of Resurrection, man will be called after himself and his father.

So it is seyogyanya this inherent call contains prayer and hope and should not be origin. For parents this should already be an important concern. Islam recommends paying attention to this before naming the child. arbitrary? Here’s a summary.

Know The Names That Allah Likes

Before naming children, know first what are the names of children who are most liked by Allah SWT. In many hadiths, the Prophet (pbuh) mentioned the beautiful names and favored by Allah.

Based on the Hadith of Muslim history, Prophet Muhammad SAW said about two names that are very favored by Allah, namely Abdullah and Abdurrahman. But of course it’s a name for a boy.

Ibn ‘Umar ra. said that the Prophet (pbuh) said that means, “Surely your most preferred name by Allah is Abdullah and Abdurrahman” (Hr Muslim)

There are also other names that Allah likes. The names of the Prophets of the Apostles are suggested to be given for the name of the child. Give the name of the child by the name of the prophet because it is expected that the child will get blessings from the name of his name.

Know the Names Allah Hates

The second thing to pay attention to before naming a child is to know the names that Allah SWT hates. Not not delivered, the Prophet (pbuh) has reported the names that make Allah angry.

One of them is the name Malikul Amlaak and the like such as Ahkamul Hakimin, Sulthonus Salaathiin, Robbul Arbaab. These names are specific only to God. So as His servants we are forbidden to wear it.

In addition to these names there are more names that God does not like.

Samurah ibn Jundub ra. stated that the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Never name your slaves by the name of Yasar (Easy or rich), Najih (from the word Najh which means success). And do not be named Aflah (from the word Al Falah which means lucky). If you ask him, “Is there one?” and he is not there, he will be answered “No.” Really it’s all just four names. (Hr Muslim, Abu Dawood, and Tirmidhi).

Don’t Give a Name by Embedding the Name of the Month

As it is known, many Muslims who pin the name of the month ad in their full name. Please note that the names of the months from January to December are taken from the names of deities in ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

January is derived from the word Janus which is the name of the god of doors. February is derived from the Latin Februus, which is the name of the deity of purification. The Greeks used to purgatory this month. And the names that are often used include Febri, Febi, Febrian, Febriana, Febrianto etc

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.March is taken from the name of The God of Mars or Martius the God of War. Names that are often used with this month such as Maryanto, Martini, Marina etc.

April is named after Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Mei is named after the Greek goddess Maia. June of The Goddess Juno who in Roman mythology was the wife of the God Jupiter. Juli is named after Julius Caesar.

Augustus, who was roman emperor. September is taken from the Latin “Septem”, October comes from the word “Octo” November, from the Latin “Novem” December , from the word “Decem”

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