Number of Children of Prophet Adam AS

Adam AS was the father of all mankind. He was the first human being created directly by Allah SWT. Together with Siti Hawa, Prophet Adam AS lived a married life.

Of the two, a growing number of offspring were born to this day. It is said that every pregnant woman, Siti Hawa always gives birth to twin boys and girls. Their first son was named Qabil with his eldest daughter’s twin named Qalima. While his youngest son named Ummul Mughits.

Historians say that Adam did not die before he saw his entire descendants number 400 thousand people. So, how many children of Adam actually?

Many letters in the Quran mention that the human being who exists today is a descendant of the Prophet Adam. Some parties oppose, but it is easy for Muslims to believe this because it is sourced directly from the Word of Allah SWT.

“It is He who created you from one soul, and from it Created its mate, that he may be pleased with him. So when he had mixed it with her, she conceived a light womb, and continued to feel light. Then when he was displeaseful, they both pleaded with Allah, their Lord, “If You give us a righteous son, we will surely be grateful.” (Al-A’raf: 189).

It was from Adam and Eve that the number of human populations increased. Imam Abu Ja’far Ibn Jarir mentions some historical explanations in his book of dates: “Eve bore the children of Adam as many as 40 with 20 pregnancies”

The same opinion was also expressed by Ibn Ishaq by mentioning all the names of the sons of Adam. Wallahu A’lam.

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Some say that Eve was pregnant 120 times. Every time she became pregnant, she gave birth to two twins, a boy and a girl. Their first son Qabil with his eldest daughter’s twin named Qalima. His youngest son is named Ummul Mughits.

After that, scattered the descendants of Adam and Eve on the face of the earth and the number continued to grow. As qalam Allah SWT in the Qur’an Surah An-nisa: 1.

“O mankind! Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul, and created his mate from it; And from them He has bred many men and women. Fear Allah, by His name, and in the way of Allah. Indeed, Allah is watching over you.” (An-Nisa: 1).

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