Ottoman Empire, The Islamic Empire that conquered 3 continents

There are not many Islamic kingdoms that can be as large and lasting as the Ottoman Empire. Their existence in the past became a symbol of the power of Islam that was able to survive in europe to Africa.

Even this kingdom is able to spread Islamic cultures to a country that is majority Catholic or Protestant Christian.

In the past, the Ottoman Empire became a great country that many feared by its opponents. They have a great army that often wins the battle. Here are the facts of the greatness of the Ottoman Turkey Islamic Kingdom that deserve to be listened to together.

World’s Longest Islamic Kingdom Dynasty

The Ottoman Empire was first formed on November 1, 1299. Gradually this kingdom grew until it finally became one of the most respected kingdoms in the world. The Ottoman Empire, which was the predecessor of the Turkish Republic, could survive in the world for more than 600 years.

The survival of this kingdom for more than 600 years is due to a great foundation in the kingdom. In addition, they also have a formidable military force that is difficult to penetrate by kingdoms in Europe. Unfortunately this Ottoman Turkish empire finally had to face destruction in 1923 and transformed into a modern Turkey currently led by Erdogan.

Have High Tolerance with Other Religions

Since the time of the Prophet Muhammad, Christians and Jews have existed and are often referred to as members of the book. In the era of the Ottoman Empire their existence turned out to be well protected.

Even the tolerance carried out by its residents is also worthy of thumbs up. Although the Ottoman Turks were an Islamic kingdom, they still treated their non-Muslim citizens well.

What the Ottoman Empire did seemed to be hard to find in the modern world. There are many countries in the world that discriminate due to religious and class issues.

For example, non-Muslims are considered bad in islamic countries. Or Muslims are considered terrorists in secular countries like America and France.

Expanding Territory in 3 Continents

Over the past 600 years, the Ottoman Empire was able to expand its territory beyond three different continents. They were able to occupy european territory that included Greek territory to several surrounding countries such as Russia and countries around the Black Sea.

Around 1451-1481 when it was ruled by Mehmed I, the Ottoman Empire was able to occupy African territories such as Egypt and Algeria. The great power of Mehmed I eventually made the Ottoman Turkish territories all the way to Saudi Arabia, and Jerusalem.

When Suleiman ruled the kingdom, expansion extended to Iraq and European countries such as Hungary. The regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe became Ottoman Turkey until the kingdom’s culture must still remain there today.

Wars Won by the Ottoman Empire

Wars Won by the Ottoman Empire
Wars Won by the Ottoman Empire

The Turk Empire has waged numerous wars with many kingdoms around Asia, Europe, and Africa. The victory that made the Ottoman Empire finally gained a new territory that was very large.

One of the great wars won by this kingdom was the war against the Byzantine empire. This war caused the kingdom in this area of Italy to be destroyed after surviving for thousands of years.

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Another great war waged by the Ottoman Empire was the war against the Republic of Venice Papal States and Skanderberg. The 16-year war made Morea, Negroponte, and Albania the territory of Ottoman Turkey.

With this victory the territory of this kingdom is increasing, especially in the regions of Europe which at that time had appeared a lot of very great kingdoms.

Ottoman Have a Very Great Trade Route

One of the things that caused the Ottoman Empire to survive up to 600 years was the power in the field of trade. The kingdom is at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.

This very crowded flow of trade traffic became the power of the government to continue to advance. In fact, most of the kingdom’s revenue comes from this important sector.

Trade across these two continents, plus Africa made the Empire able to improve various other sectors such as defense.

Very large income either from taxes or ship duties is used as capital to expand the territory to three different adjacent continents. If the Ottoman Empire existed today, they would be one of the greatest Islamic countries in the world in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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