Hajar Aswad in High Resolution Photos

Saudi Arabia Releases High-Resolution Photos

Saudi arabian authorities in May 2021, released a new photo showing the Hajar Aswad up close.

The image has never been seen before. Hajar Aswad is a black stone found in the Kaaba, Makkah. In the Islamic faith, the stone comes from heaven.

The General Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques captures the details of the Hajar Aswad with a new technique of photography that uses a stacked panoramic focus.

The stone was photographed for seven hours to produce one image with the highest resolution. Muslims believe that the Aswad Stone was sent down directly from heaven and given to Abraham by the Angel Gabriel.

The stone is surrounded by a frame made of pure silver and is located at the corner of the Kaaba, about one and a half meters above ground level.

Location of Hajar Aswad

Aswad itself is located in the southeast corner of the Kaaba and becomes the starting point when performing tawaf.

The historic stone is reddish with a diameter of 30 centimeters and is surrounded by a pure silver frame to preserve it.

For pilgrims who perform ‘Umrah, it is prescribed to touch their hands to the Aswad Stone and kiss it. Aswad Stone consists of three large sections and several smaller sections, and is joined together in a circle of silver ribbons.

The black stone is believed to have come from heaven and was given to Prophet Ibrahim AS to be placed in the corner of the Kaaba. Hajar Aswad stone is also believed to be originally white, but gradually blackened because it absorbs the sins of millions of mankind who touched it.

History of Aswad Stone

The history of Aswad Stone cannot be released from the history of ka’bah, the Qibla of Muslims. The Kaaba was built by Prophet Ibrahim AS and his child Prophet Ismail AS.

While building the Kaaba, the angel Jibril handed over Aswad Stone to Ibrahim AS to be placed in the corner of the Kaaba. Over time, the Kaaba building did not escape the calamity that befell the city of Mecca.

In the days of Ibrahim AS, the Kaaba building was repaired by amaliqah kabilah and kabilah Jurhum. Qusai bin Kilab gave the roof of the Kaaba with palm leaves.

The High-resolution Photos  !

The President of the General Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, released a high-resolution close-up of the Hajar Aswad for the first time.

With Fox Stack Panorama technology, Hajar Aswad Stone photos are collected with different levels of clarity to produce one image with the greatest accuracy.

It took 7 hours with 1,050 Fox Stack Panorama images to get that 49,000 megapixel photo. The high-resolution photo editing process also takes about 50 hours.

This is the latest photo Hajar Aswad Stone with the Best Resolution!



Aswad Stone is located in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. And looks like a stone protected in a silver frame. But actually, Aswad Stone consists of eight small stones combined with Arabic frankincense.

small stones with arabic frankincense.
small stones with arabic frankincense.
small stones with arabic frankincense.
small stones with arabic frankincense.

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