Top 10 most popular halal foods in the world

Top 10 most popular halal foods in the world – Food has become a basic necessity for everyone. Even in every country, it must have its own special dishes or foods. But unfortunately, not all dishes provided are halal. Its means not all can be eaten by Muslims. there are certain criteria that must be met.

Every Muslim is traveling or traveling abroad, sometimes they have to choose food to eat, because the food eaten should not be contrary to the teachings of his religion, aka must be halal.

So, here are the top 10 most popular halal foods you can find while traveling,

1. Nasi Lemak Popular Halal Foods

popular halal foods
nasi lemak halal foods

Firts, nasi lemak is one of the halal foods that can be a recommendation for your culinary list. Typical Malaysian food that can be found anywhere when you are traveling there.

Nasi lemak is a dish made from steamed rice made fragrant with pandan leaves, coconut milk, and crispy fried anchovies.

Plus pieces of cucumber and sambal, especially if enjoyed with a pot of fried chicken. Nasi lemak will be really appetizing for everyone who eats it.

Nasi lemak is a type of Malay specialty commonly found in Malaysia where it is considered one of its national, and Indonesian dishes. It can also be found in Singapore and Brunei. This meal is usually served for breakfast.

The basic ingredients of nasi lemak are made from rice cooked with coconut milk so the texture is a bit oily and tastes very savory. The special aroma of nasi lemak comes from the use of several spices such as pandan leaves, ginger, bay leaves, orange leaves, and lemongrass.

2. Baklava

popular halal foods
baklava muslim food

Next, baklava is one of the halal foods that can be a recommendation for your culinary list. Baklava is a dessert of Turkish origin. Anyone visiting the country, baklava should be a must-try dish.

The crispy pastry texture filled with nuts and sugar on top won’t make you stop eating. Baklava is very popular in the Middle East!

If you find baklava in the Middle East or Balkans, you’re among the lucky ones because you’ve managed to get another type of Turkish dish. In Turkey, baklava is not a food of only one type, but there are many different flavors and each person will have their own favorite taste.

An important ingredient for all types of baklava is layers of filo dough (classic baklava usually consists of 40 layers of filo dough) sprinkled with chopped beans and/or other sprinkles scattered in each layer.

The filo dough is then stacked on top of another layer and baked. How to serve baklava is not complete without a mixture of sugar syrup and water which is then poured on the baklava until the texture of the dessert is not too dry.

The name “baklava” itself does not have a definite etymological meaning, but it is thought that the name “baklava” comes from Mongolian (where Turkish languages are derived) meaning “to accumulate”.

3. Fish and Chips

popular halal foods
halal fish and chips

This is one of the best food from London. In this one dish, you will be served fresh fish that is perfectly fried and fries that accompany it. In Indonesia, you can easily find this dish.

4. Pho

popular halal foods
popular halal foods

Pho is a typical Vietnamese food made from broth, vermicelli or so-called pho, and pieces of beef or chicken.

This can be one of the halal food options that can be found while on vacation in Vietnam.

5. Chicken Rise

popular halal foods
popular halal foods

It became one of the national dishes in Singapore. Chicken rice becomes an option when people are confused about what to eat until this becomes a favorite dish there.

6. Karjalanpiirakka

popular halal foods
popular halal foods

The next halal food recommendation is Karjalanpiirakka. His name sounds complicated. However, the ingredients of Karjalanpiirakka food are not as complicated as the name suggests.

Karjalanpiirakka is a savory and delicious food that is basically a dry pie made from wheat flour and filled with potatoes, rice, carrots, and a little butter.

This Finnish food is suitable to be eaten at breakfast or lunch.

The first typical Finnish food is a cookie named Karjalanpiirakka. These cookies come from the province of Karelia, the eastern province of Finland.

Karelia itself is the hometown of Kalevala, an epic and famous poem from the 19th century. That said, Kalevala became an identity and the most important part of Finland itself.

Speaking of Karjalanpiirakka, this Finnish dish is also known as Karelian pie. For the matter of taste is certainly very delicious and sweet.

Karjalanpiirakka itself is made from rye flour which is then given stuffing in the form of rice, potatoes, or carrots. At the top of the pie will be blended with a layer of eggs. So that makes it more savory and delicious.

7. Ramen

popular halal foods
popular halal foods

Who doesn’t know ramen? Japanese food is very easy to eat anywhere when in Japan. Apparently, this should be a bucket list when it comes to it.

Considering ramen is a very popular culinary, there are many variants of flavors that you can taste. Ramen noodles also have a variety of shapes and ways of processing, to seasonings and gravy used to enrich the taste of ramen itself.

However, the taste of ramen usually follows traditional Japanese-style pakem flavors, such as:

1. Shoyu ramen popular halal foods

Shoyu ramen is the most common type of ramen found in Japanese restaurants. This ramen has a brown broth made from meat stew plus various types of vegetables and has a savory taste typical of soy sauce, but feels quite light on the tongue.

Shoyu ramen is usually made from curly noodles and served with leeks, fish, nori (Japanese seaweed), boiled eggs, and bean sprouts. Some of the restaurants that modify this ramen recipe also use black pepper and chili oil.

2. Shio ramen halal foods

Shio ramen is one of the oldest types of ramen. The taste of this ramen is similar to shoyu ramen because it both uses gravy from meat and vegetable stews. However, shio ramen is served without soy sauce but seasoned with salt so that the color of the broth is yellowish.

3. Miso ramen

If you like thicker ramen soup like curry, miso ramen is a great choice for warming your throat. Miso itself is one type of Japanese ingredient in the form of pasta and made from fermented soybean mixture boiled with salt so that the taste is richer and complex.

8. Meatballs

popular halal foods
popular halal foods

Indonesians must be familiar, yes with meatballs. The food served with noodles, vegetables, broth, and also meatballs is very popular in Indonesia. So, when visiting Indonesia, do not miss this food, yes.

9. Tom Yum Popular Halal Foods

up seafood with a slightly sour taste is becoming a popular food in Thailand. Even if you’ve seen it in other countries, the authentic and best taste must be from the country of origin, Thailand.

Tom yam is a soup that comes from Thailand. This soup is one of the famous Thai food. In Thailand, tom yum is usually made with shrimp, chicken, fish, or mixed seafood and mushrooms.

10. Samgyetang

popular halal foods
popular halal foods

the last recommendation for halal food list for you is Samgyetang. This is a popular food from South Korea. The name Samgyetang is derived from the ingredients used, namely chicken and ginseng.

Ginseng in Korean is ‘insam’, while chicken means ‘gye’. And include a little Chinese element, namely ‘tang’ which means soup.

Samgyetang is a Korean ginseng chicken soup. This soup contains young chicken in a whole state boiled over low heat for 2-3 hours until tender.

A portion of soup in a small saucepan is usually eaten by one person. Samgyetang is eaten with additional pepper, salt, and kimchi provided on the table

That’s ten popular halal foods in the world, which foods do you really want to try?

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