Process of creating the Prophet Adam According to islamic scholars

Adam was the first man created by God. Unlike the angels who were created from the light and the jinn or his countrymen who were created from fire, the father of all men, in this case the Prophet Adam, was created from the ground. What was the process of creating Adam?

Imam Ibn Kathir in al-Bidayah wa al-Nihayah mentions that Prophet Adam was created from a handful of soil taken from all the surface of the earth, this is according to Imam Ibn Kathir, which then causes humans to have different physical characteristics: White, yellow, red, black, brown, ripe mustard, almost ripe mustard, impreted mustard, and others.

Unlike the “creation” of man in general through the process of giving birth, the process of creation of The Prophet Adam is classified as a supernatural matter, known only by God how the actual process of his creation. We only know that God created man from the ground. However, the scholars of tafsir also mentioned several stages of the creation process of The Prophet Adam.

The process of creating the Prophet Adam

1) Water-Mixed Soil

As for the soil referred to here in the form of dust, dust mixed with water so that it becomes clay. This is based on letter as-Sajadah verses 6-9.

2) Shaped Black Mud

Well, after the process of mixing water and soil is complete. God made the clay a black clay that was given a shape. This land, as the Quraish Shihab is called, has the same components as humans. Chemically, this type of soil consists of dust and water, the two elements that make up humans.

(QS. Al-Hijr verse 26)

3) Shalshal (Dry Clay)

In Jalalain’s interpretation it is mentioned that The Prophet Adam was created from dry clay, which when tapped will be heard a bouncy sound. This clay comes from the black mud of clay that is given its shape.

Number Of Children Of Prophet Adam AS

4) The Spirit Blows

After all this process, God then blew the spirit to the father of all mankind, Prophet Adam. It was this spirit that then spread throughout the body, which made Adam breathe and move on the command of the Merciful God.

Well, this is the overall process of the creation of Prophet Adam alaihi wasalam, which had been alluded to by scholars. We are not of light, so we can be proud. We are also not created from fire, so his character likes to brag.

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