Professions of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was happy with his work activities and encouraged his companions to work. According to the Prophet in one of his hadiths, the best food is the food of his own work. Not someone else’s food, let alone begging food. During his lifetime, the Prophet had done several jobs.

Breeding sheep, First profession of Muhammad

Professions of Prophet Muhammad
Professions of Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet, at a young age, worked herding sheep for the people of Makkah. At the age of eight, the Prophet Muhammad, who was then raised by Abu Talib, conveyed his desire to his uncle to work herding goats.

Hearing this, Abu Talib and his wife, Fatimah bint Asad, were shocked and tried to stop him. They could not bear that his little nephew had to work herding goats. But the Prophet had a strong determination.

There are three reasons why little Muhammad finally decided to work herding goats:

First, it helped ease the economic burden of Abu Talib. Abu Talib’s life was so simple that it was even lacking. He had eight children and plus the Prophet Muhammad.

Second, herding goats does not need capital. This profession is very fitting and appropriate for the Prophet Muhammad because he, considering his age is still young and has no capital.

Third, the Prophet was happy to be in a vast field. In the open field, Muhammad was free to contemplate everything deeply without anyone disturbing him. The Prophet was a goat herder for about four years.

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The second profession that the Prophet Muhammad had pursued was trading. Prophet Muhammad invited Abu Talib to join in a trade caravan to Sham after no longer herding goats or when he was 12 years old. Since then, he has been increasingly in the world of commerce.

After he began to grow up and strong physically, the prophet began to work in business. He was successful in the job, so that all the trades he managed generated multiple profits and profits, and all the caravans he participated in would get many other benefits and benefits.

These are the kinds of work that the Prophet had done before he was appointed prophet. After becoming a Prophet, he more often acted as a buyer and no longer disded after moving to Medina.

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