25 Prophet in Islam and Their Miracles

1. Adam (a)

Adam AS is the first human being and caliph created by Allah SWT.

2. Idris As

He said, “O my people, indeed I have been commanded to be of those who do good.” He was the first prophet to write and read.

3. Noah As

Noah said, “O my people, indeed I have come to you with a clear sign from your Lord. Noah got mulkjizat that is able to make a large boat to save people and animals from flash floods.

4. Prophet Hud As

And we were not able to send down rain by Our command, when the people of ‘Ad were afflicted with drought until the crops died and there was no source of water.

5. Prophet Shaleh As

And when he came to them, he said, “O my people!

6. Prophet Ibrahim (a)

Abraham also had miracles to live despite being burned by fire, after destroying idols and not wanting to recognize King Namrud as God.

7. Prophet Lot (a)

He said, “O my people, indeed I have been commanded to be of those who do good.” Allah SWT sent him to the Sodomites and Gomorrahs who have deviant sex behavior.

8. Prophet Ishmael (a)

Ishmael once accepted God’s command to be slaughtered by his own father. But when Abraham pointed a sharp object to slaughter it, Allah replaced Ishmael with a goat. This is the beginning of qurban on Eid al-Adha.

9. Ishaq as

In the Quran it is mentioned that Ishaq has the knowledge, morals, and good deeds.

10. Yaqub As

Yaqub (a) was portrayed as a person who had a strong character and great faith.

11. Prophet Joseph (a)

He said, “O my people, indeed I have come to you with a clear dream that the moon, the sun, and the stars prostrate themselves before you. From then on, The Prophet Yaqub knew that his son would become a great man.

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12. Ayyub (a)

Ayyub was tested by Allah SWT through long suffering with skin diseases until his wealth ran out but remained obedient to Allah SWT.

13. Prophet Shu’aib (a)

Shu’aib as sent to the People of Madyan, this people disbelieved and rejected the invitation of the Prophet Shu’aib as to worship Allah SWT. So Allah gave a trial for the heat storm, and brought black clouds, and the earthquake destroyed him.

14. Moses (a)

The story of Moses, the most famous of them when his staff was able to divide the sea when pursued by Pharaoh’s king.

15. Aaron as

Aaron the Prophet (a) was blessed with outstanding language skills.

16. Prophet Zulkifli As

Prophet Zulkifli (a) was the only child of Ayyub (a) who survived the ruins of the house.

17. David (a)

David had the miracle of the book of Zabur. David AS was also able to communicate with birds, had a melodious voice and could soften iron with his bare hands.

18. Solomon

He said, “O my people, worship God; One of the miracles of Solomon was to be able to talk to animals, and to have an army of people, jinn, and animals.

19. Ilyas As

Ilyas As is a messenger of Allah SWT for the Children of Israel who like to worship a statue named Ba’al.

But they disbelieved until Allah sent down a severe punishment.

20. Prophet Ilyasa As

Ilyasa (a) was given the task to continue Ilyas for the Children of Israel. One of the miracles of Nab Ilyasa As is to bring the dead to life by the permission of Allah SWT.

21. Jonah As

The miracle of Jonah as is to remain safe when swallowed by the whale.

22. Zakaria As

Dzakaria As was a descendant of David As and Prophet Sulaiman As.

23. Yahya As

Yahya As was the son of Zakaria As who was born when he was very old. Yahya As is a man of high standards, high in authority and true in truth.

24. Jesus As

Isa As was born with the miracle of Allah SWT from a holy woman named Maryam. He received a miracle from the Gospels and became a prophet of the Christians.

25. Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Muhammad PBUH was the last prophet and the last prophet and the closing. The miracle of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the Holy Qur’an, as the completeness of previous books revealed by Allah SWT.

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