Prophet Jesus (Isa) according to Islam

Jesus in Islam – In the Quranu’l-Karīm Allah Subhānahū wa Ta’ālā mentions that He has sent many apostles. Some of them were told to the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليي وسلم there were also those who were not told to him (QS: an-Nisā’ (4):164, 40:78).

According to the Prophet, the number of prophets and apostles was 124,000. He became an apostle of 313 people. And the one mentioned in the Qur’an, and the Quran, is 25.

Starting from the prophet Ādam to the prophet Muhammad ‘alayhimus-salām ajma’īn. And faith in allah’s prophet and messenger is a pillar of faith in the creed of Islam.

So, whoever denies one of them is to deny the Qur’ān. The Prophet and apostle were sent by to perform two main tasks: giving good news and warning (Qs.4:165).

(See, Hisyām al-Kāmil Hāmid Mūsā, Fath al-‘Allām: Syarh Manzhūmat ‘Aqīdat al-‘Awwām (Egyptian: Dār al-Manār, 1434 H/2013 AD), 52, 54, 59, 60-95).

And among the apostles of Allah there are so-called ulū’l-‘azmi, which number five people, namely: Prophet Muhammad, prophet Nūh, prophet Ibrāhīm, prophet Mūsā and prophet ‘Īsā ‘alayhimus-salām. And in the Qur’an it is affirmed that the prophets and apostles should not be distinguished (QS:2:285). And only the Qur’an confirms that.

About the Prophet Jesus

Regarding the prophet Jesus ‘alayhis-salām in Islām his position is very clear and firm. And this attitude is very different from the Christians. In Islām, the prophet ‘Isā is ‘Abdullāh (servant of Allah) who is given al-Kitāb (al-Injīl, Qs.19:).

His birth was a miracle, because it was only through a mother (Mary) without being touched by a man. But it’s easy for God. And what God wants will happen (Qs. 19:20-21).

Not the Son of God, Not God

In Christian belief the prophet Jesus was the “son of God”. According to Islām, this belief is vanity. Because God has no wife, he has no children (QS: al-Jinn: 3; 17:111).

Whether the Christian belief confirms that of the prophet ‘Īsā is a child of God or God Himself, this is indeed a vanity belief. If so, then it can be ascertained that this is the way of the pagans . So they believe that the prophet ‘Īsā is the “son of God” as well as “God” himself (Qs. 9:3).

Paganism has spread in many people; Where the adherents believe that Allāh has sons and daughters who are worshipped other than Allah (Qs. 21:26-28). (See, Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradhāwī, Haqīqah at-Tawhīd (Cairo: Maktabah Wahbah, 1426/2006), 7).

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Honor the Prophet ‘Īsā

In Islām, Allāh obliged the islām people to believe in and glorify the prophets and races of Allāh. They were also commanded by Allāh to believe the Holy Book of the Qur’ān, Zabūr, Taurāt and Injīl and all the Revelation of Allāh which was revealed to his prophets and rasūl (QS: 2:136,285; 3:84; 4:153).

And how to honor the prophet ‘Īsā by substancing him as a ‘servant’ of Allāh and His rasūl, who received The Revelation of Allah injīl (QS: al-Hadīd: 26-27).

Moreover, the concept of “Savior” in Christianity is not appropriate if it is pinned to this prophet ‘Īsā. This is not the teaching of God, but paul’s teaching as stated by L. Tiemersma in his work ‘Galati Interpretation’. (See, H. Muhammad Arsyad Talib Lubis, Comparative Christianity and Islam (Medan: Firma “Islamiyyah”, cet. II, 1394 H/1974 AD), 38).

Islām’s firmness in correcting the errors of the Jews and Christians against the prophet ‘Īsā has been going on for a very long time. Everything that is entrusted to the prophet ‘Īsā is the heresy that people have incorporated into the holy religion of God.

Among those doctrines are: the belief in inherited sin, the dogma of penance, the death of Jesus on the cross; The oneness of God who has three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and the other. These beliefs and teachings are all untrue.

Thus, this kind of understanding must be cleared. For this hurts the position and position of the prophet ‘Īsā ‘alayhis-salām.

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