Prophet Muhammad Looks Like When He Smiles and Laugh

Some accounts say that the Prophet Muhammad laughed, just like humans in general. However, the laughter of this noblest man does not cause evil like laughing out loud which tends to be noisy and disturb people.

In many accounts it is told that the Prophet Muhammad liked to joke and liked funny and fun things. However, the behavior of the Prophet Muhmmad remains within the limits of morals and does not violate ethics as determined by its principles in Islamic sharia.

When the prophet Muhammad laughs, his molars are seen

In a narration from Abdullah bin Mas’ud shows that the Prophet once laughed until his molars appeared.

Abdullah bin Mas’ud said, “I have seen the Messenger laugh until his molars are visible.

This history can be explained that one of the ways the Prophet laughed was by showing his molars. That is, the Prophet was not laughing out loud but smiling.

Replicas Of The Prophet Muhammad’s Capal Or Sandal

The Prophet’s smile is usually seen when greeting his companions or when the Prophet is giving advice. A smile in this case gives happiness to those who see it. The Prophet himself once stated that a smile is almsgiving.

In a hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Harith bin Jaza RA stated that he never witnessed the Prophet Muahmmad laughing except with a smile.

Abdullah bin Harith bin Jaza said, “The Prophet (peace be upon him) never laughed but with a smile.” (HR. At-Tirmidhi)

Laughter of the Prophet According to Aisha RA

The Prophet’s most beloved wife, according to many accounts, states that the Prophet Muhammad never laughed excessively or burst out loud.

The limit of laughing out loud according to Aisya RA is to not reveal the boundary of a person’s esophagus when laughing.

Aisha narrated, “I never saw the Prophet laugh out loud so that it seemed the limit of his esophagus. But his laugh was with a smile.” (HR. Bukhari)

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