Prophet Muhammad object’s that’s exist until now

Muhammad SAW, the last prophet in Islam became a role model for muslims because of his noble character. Muhammad was also the most important figure in human history but none knew his face. This is because he is protected from cult and communion to God if his followers know the likeness of Muhammad.

Although everyone on earth does not know the face of the Messenger of Allah, the relics of his limbs still exist today. Muhammad was born in the 570th century AD, died June 8, 632 AD. Until now, some parts of his body are neatly stored in the Topkapi Museum in the capital city of Istanbul, Turkey.

Prints of soles of the feet of Prophet Muhammad

Prints of soles of the feet of Prophet Muhammad
Prints of soles of the feet of Prophet Muhammad

Wherever the Messenger of Allah stepped his footprints were left behind by several centi on the ground, sand, and grass.

Some traces claimed to have the prophet are in various places in the Middle East. Starting from mosques, to museums. But the most tested for authenticity is in the Topkapi museum, Turkey.

The Teeth of the Prophet Muhammad

In Islamic history the Messenger of Allah lost four teeth during the battle of Uhud. In this war, the prophet’s army lost even though the number was greater than the opposing side but because many of Muhammad’s strategies were not listened to by his army, they were finally captive.

All Names Of The Prophet Muhammad

Of the four missing teeth only two were found on the hills of Uhud, Medina, Saudi Arabia. One of them is in the Topkapi museum, Turkey.

Strands of the prophet Muhammad’s hair

Strands of the prophet's hair
Strands of the prophet’s hair

It is said in the testimony of the companions, the prophet’s hair was shoulder-length and thick and often fell or fell out. This hair loss is often picked up by his friends and kept.

Some of Muhammad’s slowly bleached hair in a glass box in the Topkapi museum, Turkey. Many people say the strands of the Prophet’s hair are thick and smooth.

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