Prophet Noah (Nuh), the First Messenger

We as Muslims must believe in 25 prophets and messengers beginning with the prophet Adam and ending with the prophet Muhammad SAW, because his name is mentioned in the Quran.

The number of prophets mentioned is 120 thousand and of course they are not mentioned in their entirety in the Qur’an, because we do not have to know.

The first prophet was Adam who later had descendants named Syit, Idris then Nuh. Ibn Kathir quotes Ibn Jarir’s opinion that Prophet Noah was born 126 years after Prophet Adam’s death, and this is also the opinion of other scholars. Some even argue that the distance between the two is as long as 10 centuries.

As the hadith of Ibn Hibban which confirmed a narration from Abu Umamah radhiyallahu ‘anhu as mentioned by Ibn Hajar in Fathul Bari that a man said: “What is the distance between Adam and Noah?”

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “10 centuries.” Ibn Kathir said: “This narration is in accordance with the requirements of Muslims but he did not narrate it.” If what is meant by a century is a hundred years as the general understanding of most people, it means that the distance between the two is a thousand years.

But it does not rule out the possibility of more than a thousand years, because Ibn Abbas said that everything was in a state of Islam so that it is possible that in the last few centuries (before Noah) human beings were not in a state of Islam.

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Meanwhile, if what is meant by a century is one generation, then the age of each generation at that time is so long that the distance between Adam ‘alaihis sallam and Noah’ alaihis sallam is thousands of years.

Prophet Noah is mentioned as the first apostle where Prophet Noah preached monotheism to his people, but many of his people denied him, including his family.

Until finally God brought a great flood as high as a mountain that destroyed all living things except those with the prophet Noah in his ark. The prophet Noah himself is said to have sailed for 150 days.

So, it can be said that we are now the descendants of Noah, because the descendants of the previous prophet Adam who denied God have all been drowned. But if you claim the descendants of Adam is also not wrong, because humans on earth are Adam and the prophet Noah is also a descendant of the prophet Adam.

Of course you ask, what was the story when the prophet Noah called his family when he wanted to take them on board the ark, wasn’t that when the conditions were heavy rain and big floods exceeded the tsunami, did they use a kind of mobile phone to talk.

Isn’t according to historians, the time of the prophet Noah was the era where human civilization was highest. Because logically it is not possible if in such conditions the Prophet Noah could communicate remotely with his family.

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