Quran is God’s gift to The Human

God bestows man with reason, so that man can think of the good things of an act before it is done. However, reason alone is not enough as a provision to tread this long way of life. Therefore, with His Merciful and Merciful, God also sent down revelation as divine guidance so that man could truly be safe on the way of life.

Imam Al-Ghazali said in his book Al-Iqtishad fi Al-I’tiqad that one who only follows reason and does not follow the guidance of light (Quran and Hadith), is also impossible to get guidance to the truth, because he only holds on to a mind that is covered with weakness and limitations.

The Quran is a divine guide that God revealed through His Messenger— Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Quran, also called the Kitab, is the revelations that Allah revealed to His Messenger, through the intercession of the angel Gabriel, to be delivered to mankind.

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Thus, the purpose of the revelation of God to the Prophet (peace be upon him), is to be delivered to all mankind. So that with the Qur’an man can walk the way of survival in the hereafter.

In the Qur’an it is explained that the prophet’s sending was as a mercy to all nature. The Qur’an was revealed by God as a guide so that man could tread the path of salvation in the hereafter. The Word of Allah (swt) in surah al-Baqarah verses 1-2: “Alif laam miim. This book has no doubt in it, guidance for those who fear it.”

This verse describes the Qur’an as a guide for mankind. If we look at the position of this verse in the Qur’an, these verses are the early verses in the composition of the Qur’an.

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