The Quran’s Response of Terrorism

The Quran’s Response of Terrorism

The Quran as a holy book of Muslims also responds to acts of terrorism. Explicitly the word ‘terrorism’ is not found in the Qur’an.

It is a word born according to the development of the times that arise with events that harm many people, in the name of religion.

Quoting verses of the Qur’an in which it is found terma words that are still in line with ‘irhab’, the equivalent of the word for terrorism, one of which is QS. Al-Anfal Verse 60.

Allah SWT said which means:

“And prepare with all ability to face them with the strength which ye have and of the cavalry that can shake the enemies of God, your enemies and those besides them whom ye know not; but God knows it. Whatever you spend in the way of Allah will be requited to you in sufficiently, and you will not be wronged.”

However, the perpetrators of terror misunderstand the above verse by correcting acts of terror and radicals to fight anyone who is not in line with his beliefs and beliefs. But the meaning of the verse above is not so.

According to the scholars of interpretation such as Al-Sha’rawi, the verse above is indeed an order to do jihad, but when the enemy is in sight and wants to fight muslims. The command of war in the verse above is not in the absence of war.

The Quran also responds to acts of terrorism in the name of jihad. Jihad is essentially a teaching to revive the religion of Islam, in the hands of terrorists precisely to kill the lives of Muslims.

On QS. Al-Ma’idah verse 32, Allah said : ”

Therefore We decreed for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a person, not because he kills another person, or not because of corruption in the earth, it is as if he had killed all mankind. Whoever preserves the life of a human being, it is as if he had preserved the lives of all mankind. Surely Our Messenger came to them with clear proofs. But then many of them then transgressed the bounds of the earth.”

The verse above has explicitly given an important message that no one should kill others for no reason whatsoever justified by Islamic law.

So in this case it includes suicide bombings that have the potential to kill others, even innocents.

The verses of the Qur’an above respond to acts of radicalism and terrorism by criticizing harshly. The Qur’an denounces acts of violence that result in the loss of many parties.

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