Samawi and Ardhi Religions

Religion is a system that governs the order of faith or belief in God Almighty.

In everyday life, humans are familiar with the name of samawi religion and ardhi religion. Samawi religion is also called the religion of the heavens, while the religion of ardhi is known as the religion of the earth.

The classification of heavenly religion and earth religion was introduced by Ahmad Abdullah al-Masdoosi in his book entitled Living Religions of the World.

Samawi religions

The same religion is a religion that comes down from heaven based on God’s revelation. The religion of the same is revealed to the apostles who taught it to mankind.

The Heavenly Religion is a religion that descends from the presence of God.

That is, religion comes from god’s revelation that was delivered to his apostles to be taught to their respective people as a guide to life.

There are three religions that include The Samawi Religion, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The three Samawi Religions convey the same teaching point to their people, namely the belief in the oneness of God.

The Samawi religion is referred to as the oldest religion because it has been revealed since the time of Prophet Adam, the origin of mankind, and passed on to the prophets afterwards until the last prophet, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

There are three different religions that are widely known to the public.

  • Islam

Holy Book: Quran
Age: Islam has been thousands of years old since Allah (SWT) gradually sent down the Qur’an to the Prophet (peace be upon him) in 610-632 AD.

Islam Forbids Insulting God of Other Religions

  • Christian

Scripture: The Gospel
Age: Christians are also thousands of years old since they were first passed down on humans. Christianity is still embraced by many people.

  • Jews

Holy Scriptures: Torah
Age: Since it was revealed to Moses, Judaism or Judaism has been thousands of years old.

Religion of ardhi

The religious classification of ardhi is one that develops based on one’s culture, region, thoughts that are accepted globally, and not based on revelation. This religion does not have an apostle like a pseudo-religion.

Ardhi religion or also called Earth Religion is a religion that develops based on one’s culture, region, or thoughts.

The teaching was later accepted globally even though the scriptures were not based on revelation. Simply put, the Religion of Ardhi is the religion of human creation.

If The Samawi religion is based on the belief that God is Supreme, the basis of the belief in Ardhi religion is about an uncertain divinity, because it is basically just created and imaginary.

Those included in the Ardhi religion include Hinduism and Buddhism. That’s because Hinduism is an acculturation of Arian and Dravidian culture, while Buddhism is the result of Sidhartha Gautama thought.

Among the universally known religions of ardhi are;

  • Hindu

Holy Book: Vedas
Age: Hinduism is recorded as one of the oldest religions in Indonesia that has existed from 7,000 to 6,000 BC.

  • Buddha

Scripture: Tripitaka
Age: Buddhism is displayed by Sidhartha Gautama who continues to be in demand until now. Buddhism is thought to have existed since 2,600 BC.

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