Sayyida Al-Hurra, Muslim Woman Pirate and Queen in ocean

The story of pirates is very exciting to hear. Starting from the legendary figure of Blackbeard to Barbarossa the muslim pirate who is respected by the world.

These pirates ruled the ocean for a variety of reasons, ranging from politics, religion, money and others. But one thing is for sure, their story was written in the history books because of their greatness.

Generally, the pirate profession is dominated by men. But who would have thought, there used to be a Muslim woman who became a pirate. In its heyday, the western world was very reluctant to deal with it. So who the hell is the pirate woman?

Sayyida, great woman pirate from Andalusia

Sayyida Al-Hurra, Muslim Woman Pirate and Queen in ocean
Sayyida Al-Hurra, Muslim Woman Pirate and Queen in ocean

Sayyida al-Hura was apparently born to a prominent Muslim family in Andalusia around 890 AD (1485 AD). However, by the time sayyida was seven years old, Sayyida had to be expelled from her own homeland. That’s because Ferdinand and Isabella expanded into Islamic kingdoms, including Andalusia.

Eventually, Sayyida fled to Morocco. When she was sixteen years old, sayyida married Sultan al Mandri who was a friend of her father.

Although their age difference was 30 years, all was not a problem. Sayyida and Sultan al Mandri fought together to defeat the Portuguese.

Second marriage of Sayyida al-Hurra

In 1515, it seemed to be a difficult time for Sayyida, because her husband died. Automatically the leadership fell into the hands of Sayyidah, himself appointed as governor of Tetouan region.

Because of her capable ability to do politics, Spain at that time respected her and did not want to disturb the woman’s territory. Before long, Ahmed al-Wattasi who was a Moroccan sultan asked Sayyida.

It automatically makes Sayyida a queen but also still serves as a governor in her area. Yes, despite choosing the title of queen, she lives far from the capital. Reporting from the Republika page, even the king had to walk far if he wanted to meet the queen.

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Getting the title of “al-Hurra” is amazing

Because of the achievements, it is natural that he is given an extraordinary title. Sayyida earned the title al-Hurra which means noble, independent, free and inactionless women. So it is not unusual if either the opponent or the opponent is very reticent with this one woman.

In addition, al-Hurra’s title is not carelessly pinned to someone. And Sayyida was the last person in Islamic civilization to bear that glorious title.

In addition to al-Hurra, Sayyida also holds the title Hakima Tatwan which can be interpreted as the governor of Tetouan. Of course, all nicknames or titles will not be obtained without his efforts.

Become a respected pirate


Sayyida Al-Hurra, Muslim Woman Pirate and Queen in ocean
Sayyida Al-Hurra, Muslim Woman Pirate and Queen in ocean

Sayyida still has not forgotten her ambition to reclaim her homeland. Therefore he chose the way of the sea to fight with the forces of the western world.

Sayyida who bled this leader finally came into an exchange with Barbarossa al Algeirs or the western world knew him as Barbarossa the red beard.

Sayyida is known as the queen of the ocean to the highly respected westerners. Many enemy ships eventually sank and were captured during Sayyida’s leadership.

But unfortunately, it all had to end because of his own family. The son-in-law of Sayyida overthrew the queen of the ocean and eventually stripped her of all her positions and possessions.

Sayyida al-Hurra proved that women in the Islamic world also have the same opportunities as men. Even he was respected by the western world and dubbed the ruler of the ocean. Sayyida herself died in 1561 AD in her hometown.

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