Seven Ways to Stay Away from Sin

Sin is one of the phenomena that we often encounter today. Regardless of age, anyone can be a victim or even a perpetrator of sin. This all happens because of the lack of religious knowledge that the person has.

Not only that, the influence of the environment and lifestyle tend to be a factor that causes a person to commit sin. This is what will lead people into the Fire.

So it is no wonder if the Prophet (pbuh) always warns his people to stay away from sin. In addition to strengthening faith in God, there are several ways for us to avoid the rampant sin. How do I do it? Here’s more information.

1. Keeping eyes – Stay Away from Sin

The first way that can be done to avoid sin is to take care of the eyes. The eye is one of the sources of sin. For most of the people who commit sin because of their eyesight.

So it is no wonder that Allah SWT always commands us to keep our eyes and eyes from everything that is forbidden. Allaah says:

Say to the believing men, ‘Let them restrain their gaze and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Surely Allah is All-Knowing of what they do. Qs. An-Nur [24] : 30).

In addition to sin that invites lust, the eyes can also be our source of high heart. This can happen when we use those eyes to look down or insult others.

2. Keeping the Ears

A tip to avoid further bloating is to take care of the ears. As we know that the ear serves to hear. But it turns out that this part of the body can lead us to the abyss of sin if it is not used in accordance with Islamic law.

One of the sins that often occurs because of this ear is when we hear inappropriate speech. Not only that, it turns out that hearing gossip can also make us fall into sin. So it is no wonder that we must always keep our ears. The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Verily, he who hears is allied with him who says so. And he was also mistaken for one of the two who cursed.”

3. Keeping the Tongue

The tongue becomes a bonless limb but turns out to have a huge impact on human life. So it is only natural if the Prophet (pbuh) makes the tongue as a limb to be aware of because it can plunge people into hell.

Tongues can not only make the relationship between neighbors become disharmonious, even words caused by this tongue can be divisive a pride.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Most sins of the son of Adam are because of his tongue.” Narrated by Al-Athabrani and Al-Bayhaqi.

In addition to keeping the tongue from all words that can be divisive, we must also avoid the act of lying, resevering promises, swearing or debates that are often done by humans today.

4. Maintaining the hearth – Stay Away from Sin

The next way that can be done to avoid sin is to take care of the stomach. The thing we need to remember is that the stomach is not a trash can that can be entered by all food.

This is because food or whatever it can directly or not affect one’s behavior. Moreover, if the food comes from a result that is not halal.

It turns out that it belongs to the desire of the stomach that must be controlled. Because if not controlled will make us do anything to satisfy the appetite of the stomach. When this happens, then we will darken our eyes and do whatever it takes to fulfill their lusts

This is how Adam was brought forth from the everlasting Paradise. This is not the case with the people of Thee, nor are they the ones who believe in Allah and the Last Night, and the book of the Book, and the Book of Moses. The Prophet PBUH said:

“Surely among the things I fear for you are lust in your bellies and in your genitals, and misguidance.” (HR. Ahmad)

5. Taking Care of the Lust

The most important way to avoid evil is to guard yourselves against all that is wrong. Lust becomes the most dangerous thing when it cannot be controlled.

Say to the believing men, “Let them restrain their eyes and guard their private private areas. That is purer for them. He said, “I have come to you with a sign from your An-Nur: 30)

Therefore, we must be able to control ourselves with all the energy of the things that can lead us to fall into the valley of wickedness. The Word of Allah Ta’ala

And those who guard their private property, except against their wives or whatever they possess, there is no blame on them. (Al-Mukminun: 5-6)

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6. Keeping Two Hands

Keeping both hands can also be one way to avoid sin. There are so many sins that can be caused by both hands, such as theft, robbery and even murder.

Not only that, even the misdirection of hands can also be due to our writing on social media that can hurt the hearts of others.

Therefore, we are commanded to keep both hands from being the source of self-harm or harm to others.

7. Keeping Two Legs – Stay Away from Sin

The last way to avoid sin is to keep both feet. It turns out that this part of the body should be maintained as best as possible. This is because the feet can step into a place that is forbidden by Allah SWT.

And the foot will also be on the way to the wrongdoers. This kind of action is forbidden because it can make us affected by their habits. The Word of Allah SWT:

“And do not incline your heart to the wrongdoers, lest the Fire touch you.” (Hud: 113)

This is the information about how to avoid sin. It turns out that the steps that we consider simple above are able to make us avoid actions that violate Islamic law. Therefore, from now on behave and act according to the request of God so that we do not fall into the valley of sin.

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