Six Facts of Hell Fire in Islamic View

The Fire will be a place of refuge in the Hereafter, prepared for the evil-doers of all time. In it man will be recompensed for what he has done.

One thing that is very synonymous with hell is the existence of fire. And the heat will increase, and the punishment will increase. In the hadith it is explained if the fire that exists in this world, is just like the sparks of the hereafter.

What are the facts? Here’s the review.

1. The Heat of Hell Fire 70 Times the Fire of the World

The first fact is that the fire of hell is 70 times the heat of the fire in the world. It is inconceivable how painful the torment is when we are thrown into this place. Because the fire of the world alone is so excruciating when the flames touch the body.

How about a heat level that reaches 70 times that of the current fire. It’s certainly excruciating. This is explained in hadith narrated by Bukhari, Muslim and Tirmidhi)

2. The Heat of Hell Fire Caused Black and Dark

Prophet Muhammad SAW said “Hell was lit for a thousand years until it appeared red. Then it was turned on again for a thousand years until it looked white. Then it is lit for a thousand years so that it looks black. Until now hell was black and dark” (HR Tirmidhi).

3. High Turmoil of Hell Fire

The Fire of Hell will burn until the sparks are high forty years. Abu Sa’id ra stated, Muhammad SAW said “It is very high the fire of Hell is four thick walls. The height of each wall is like a forty-year journey.” (HR. Tirmidhi).

4. In Hell There is a Fire Hill

There is a fire in the Fire. This hill is named Ash Shu-uud which will be ridden by the infidels.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Ash Shu-uud is a hill of fire. The unbeliever ascended it for seventy years, then he fell from it. Then he went up and fell again.

4 Drinks of Hell mentioned in the Quran

5. The Hot Steam of Hell Blowing into the World

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Hell complains to his Lord. He said, “My Lord, some of me eat of the others.” So Allah SWT allows hell to release its steam twice as much.

That is, in winter and once in summer. It is the very heat you feel (in summer) and the most biting cold you feel .”” (Hr. Five Hadith Members)

6. One Form of Hell

As it turns out, the fire of hell has form. One of its forms is to resemble a neck that has eyes, ears and can speak.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “On the Day of Resurrection there will come from hell a fire in the shape of a neck. He has two eyes that can see, two ears that can hear and oral that can speak. He said, “I am assigned to take three kinds of people, namely those who act arbitrarily and stubbornly, people who worship other Gods besides God, and people who make statues,” (HR. Tirmidhi).

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