Some Scientific Facts About Prayer

Prayer is a mandatory worship that must be done by Muslims, whoever carries it out will get a reward and whoever intentionally leaves it will get sin.

The prayer order was given to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) after he went to Sidratul Muntaha, where the Prophet received the command of prayer from Allah SWT 50 times a day at first, until finally it became 5 times a day.

Maybe many among Muslims who consider that prayer is only a mandatory worship that must be done, but did you know that behind the prayer there are benefits when we perform the worship.

And here are some scientific facts about the benefits of prayer that you should know :

1. Best Sports Moves, Scientific Facts About Prayer

In recent years there has been a spread of Desk disease, with 18 out of 20 French citizens affected by the disease.

Surprisingly, the doctors who analyze the disease actually encourage sufferers to perform Salat as a therapy for the disease.

Why? Because it is known medically with the discipline of performing prayers every time plus evening prayers, it has an impact on changes in muscle movement and this is able to raise new spirits in the body, erode fat deposits around the abdomen and thighs and slow down the effects of aging on the body.

In fact, the consistency of prayer is able to maintain the ideal shape of the body and its movements and accelerate the emergence of body vitality non-stop 24 hours every day.

Thus prayer is the easiest exercise and suitable as a body exercise in maintaining body health.

2. Prostration Is Beneficial for Health

Every day, Muslims prostrate at least 34 times a day. This number is considered the right number to increase the activity of the muscles and nerves of the body to maintain balance between joints, especially the hands, thighs, knees and legs.

With prostration activities as well, blood circulation in the body can walk and move easily from top to bottom.

In addition, the increasing folds of the hand are able to smooth blood circulation from the top of the wrist down to be able to prevent infections that generally attack the wrist.

3. Benefits of Wudhu in Skin Cancer Therapy

Various studies related to skin cancer trigger factors reveal that the factors that dominate the appearance of skin cancer are because the skin absorbs many chemicals, And the best solution to prevent it is to eliminate it by cleaning it repeatedly.

In addition, sweat and fat that comes out of the body’s pores and mixed with dust in general contains harmful chemicals and bacteria. So still doubt the benefits of wudhu?

4. Prayer (Salat) Can Cure Rheumatism

Some Scientific Facts About Prayer
Some Scientific Facts About Prayer

Scientists and doctors reveal, one way to cure rheumatism (especially on the spine) caused by muscle imbalance is by exercising.

Based on the advice of this doctor, there is no best solution to avoid rheumatism early unless by performing 5 prayers consistently, because prayer movements are the best type of movement that is able to restore muscle function properly.

The movement in question is the movement of the bow, standing upright and prostrating. Of course the movement is a tuma’nina (unhurried) movement and should be longer.

Repeated movements are the best therapy and the greatest cure for anyone suffering from bone disease in a fast time.

Benefits of Prayer Movement for your Health

5. Benefits of Prayer with Khusyu’

William Molton Marstein, a psychologist at “Reader Digest” magazine revealed that the ability to focus the ordinary mind is experienced by every individual in his life. For example, a leader will focus his mind on facing problems.

Things that can decrease the ability to concentrate the mind and even damage it is aberration and too busy in obeying lust.

William also revealed that reason is an awesome tool and has a very powerful ability if focused on a point.

Related to that in America is done the practice of speaking to an object by presenting the heart in every sentence he says with the aim of increasing the spirit and strength to desire in activity.

If only they knew about the prayers of Muslims. And please note: the object intended in prayer is the Supreme One, of course the strength obtained is very far away. Subhanallah

Lately, there has been an illegal legal controversy against yoga. There are many pros and cons to this issue. I can’t justify the law.

But, referring to the benefits of specificity in prayer and the finding that prayer is able to eliminate worries in yourself by going to Allah, the Almighty, then why do we even turn our backs on prayer which is a powerful manifestation and do yoga meditation? There is no need to argue with reason.

“Surely it is fortunate for those who believe, (i.e., those who are solemn’ in their prayers” [QS Al-Mu’minun verses 1-2]

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