Tarim, The Most Blessed City in this World

Mecca and Medina are believed to be the most endowed cities on earth. The specialty of the two cities is even explained in the Qur’an. But it turns out that in addition to the two holy cities, there are also other cities endowed by Allah with various privileges. That city is Tarim.

Tarim is a historic city located in Hadhramaut, Yemen. The city is considered one of the most endowed lands because it is the gathering center of the guardians of God.

Another specialty of this city is the number of mosques, the number reaches 360 pieces, according to the number of days in 1 year. Tarim is also known as the center of studying the scholars.

The city of Tarim is often referred to as Al-Ghanna, which means a very fertile place. Despite being in the middle of a sandy barren desert, the city is endowed with large, lush trees and clean water sources.

Tarim is also known as Madina As-Shiddiq. This was the way of the prophet Abubakar Ash-Shiddiq, who was the friend of The Prophet (peace and peace and peace of Allaah be upon him) and his people.

Among the many advantages of this city, one of the most special is here many scattered descendants of descendants of Ahlul Bait Rasulullah SAW. People in this city are blessed with kindness and noble behavior because it still has the blood of the descendants of the prophet.

Prophet Muhammad SAW even once praised this city in his words, “I really smell the gift of the Merciful God from Yemen. How many springs of mercy and wisdom come out of it.”

Because of the specialness of Tarim City, until now many people come there to take barokah, study and make pilgrimages to the tombs of God’s guardians. Although the current state of Yemen is still not conducive to visit.

Now Tarim transforms into a small, quiet town. There are no vehicle horns, skyscrapers or any other kind of luxury like in metropolitan cities. Tarim is just a small town of a hundred thousand people.

Here the settlement is still dominated by houses made of dry clay. The city offers a classic, thick atmosphere. If most cities in the Middle East are hot, then it doesn’t happen in this place. The lush trees that grow along the street make the city shady.

In this city there are also many old buildings left by the Islamic civilization of the past. Starting from the old mosques, madrasah ulama, the tombs of the guardians and the righteous and traces of the relics of the Prophet’s companions. Because it holds millions of history, since 2010 Tarim has been crowned the Capital of Islamic Culture. Subhanallah. (ISM)

Crimea, the Lost Land of Islam

Haqf (Tarim), The Land of The Idolaters Destroyed by God

Tarim, The Story of the Most Blessed City on Earth
Tarim, The Story of the Most Blessed City on Earth

The majority of Muslims have certainly heard the story of the people of Prophet Hud AS, the ‘Aad, who was afflicted by the punishment of Allah SWT. It is narrated that ‘Aad was a people who disobeyed Allah by becoming the first people to worship idols after the great flood and the collapse of mankind infidels in the time of Noah AS.

The story of ‘Aad is even clearly stated in the Qur’an, among others, surah Al-A’raaf and hud. In the Quran narrated, The Prophet Hud AS deliberately sent By Allah to save the people of ‘Aad from ignorance and error.

But no matter how hard the prophet Hud (A.S.) did, they still did not want to recognize God as God. The ‘Aad even challenged Allah to bring them punishment.

Until finally, the ‘challenge’ was answered. In the Qur’an, Allah brought a terrible punishment to the people of ‘Aad. It is a violent wind. So strong, the wind then turned their heads until it broke and all that remained were the headless bodies.

Some of them fled to caves and mountains because their homes had been destroyed. But then Allah sent the wind of Al-Aqim, a hot wind with a flame of fire to destroy them. As a result there is no life form left. The land of ‘Aad was destroyed instantly.

But after centuries, the traces of the great event can be traced back. A number of scholars, commentators and geographers conducted research and found that the ‘Aad lived in an area called Haqf. Haqf means ‘slanted sand’. Today, the area is called Zhaafar and is part of the country of Yemen which borders directly with Oman.

The relics of ‘Aad were destroyed by the sand. However, excavations and archaeological research from the 1980s to the 2000s managed to find the remains of buildings considered relics of the ‘Aad.

The building was found buried in the desert of ar-Rub’u al-Khali in the Zhaafar region, 150 km north of Shalabah City, south of the kingdom of Oman. The discovery proves the truth of the story of the ‘Aad in the Qur’an.

Here’s a Trail of Sodom’s Trail on the Dead Seafront

Muslims have certainly heard the story of the destruction of the people of the Prophet Lot AS in the city of Sodom. The people of Sodom are known for their adultery and sexual deviance. So our Lord seized him with a terrible earthquake.

This story is even clearly stated in the Quran surah Huud verse 82. “So when Our command came, We turned it about, and rained on it stones of baked clay.” In the verse explained, Allah ‘overturned’ the city of Sodom until the collapse of the lantah is not left.

Although it has vanished centuries ago, traces of Sodom city can still be traced. Archaeological research has found that the city of Sodom is located on the shores of the Dead Sea (formerly Lake Luth). It extends between the Israeli-Jordanian border.

The archaeologist’s findings were reinforced by the research of an English geologist named Graham Harris. Graham and his team found that Sodom was built on the shores of the Dead Sea and its inhabitants traded the asphalt available in the region. Sodom’s residential area is a plain that is easily shaken by earthquakes.

In addition to discovering the fact sodom city is an earthquake zone, during excavations a team of geologists found many layers of lava and basalt rock evidence of volcanic eruptions and powerful earthquakes on the coast of the Dead Sea.

Meanwhile, another German researcher, Werner Keller, revealed more detailed findings. Werner’s research resulted in the fact that the city of Sodom was formerly located in what is now the Siddim Valley.

Meanwhile, the most powerful earthquake that destroyed the Sodomites is thought to have occurred from the edge of Mount Taurus. It extends to the southern shore of the Dead Sea and continues through the Arabian Desert to the Gulf of Aqaba across the Red Sea to shake Africa.

Werner suspected that the Siddim Valley (Sodom City) was plunged into a very deep ravine due to the great earthquake. He also predicted the earthquake was accompanied by eruptions, lightning, natural gas discharges and even the emergence of a powerful sea of fire.

A series of archaeological discoveries and scientific experiments prove that the Luts did indeed live in the past around the Dead Sea region which is now on the border of the state of Israel and Jordan.

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