The Ancient Gospel of Barnabas Mentions Muhammad

The discovery of an ancient gospel believed to be 1500 years old has caused a stir. To the uproar, the ancient Gospel turned out to predict the coming of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the successor to the treatise Of Jesus (Jesus) on earth. Some people predict the gospel to be the Gospel of Barnabas.

The gospel, which is housed in Turkey, was handwritten in gold ink in Aramaic. This is the language jesus is believed to use every day. And in this gospel is explained the original teachings of Jesus as well as the prediction of the coming of prophetic successors after Jesus. The ancient Bible is now housed in the Ethnographic Museum in Ankara, Turkey.

In the Gospel of Barnabas it is revealed about the coming of the Apostle named Muhammad (peace be upon him), after Jesus. Here is the gospel of Barnabas that mentions the Prophet Muhammad:

Chapter 39 Barnabas: “Blessed is your holy name, O God our Lord… There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.”

Still in chapter 39 which tells about The Prophet Adam, the name of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is also mentioned in the dialogue between The Prophet Adam and God. ”… What do the words, Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, have there been any man before me?”

Chapter 41 Barnabas: “By Allah’s command, Michael drove Adam and Eve out of heaven, then Adam came out and turned to see the inscription on the door of heaven ‘ There is no God But Allah and Muhammad is allah’s apostle…”

Chapter 44 Barnabas In this chapter Jesus or Jesus mentions the name of the Prophet Muhammad. “Oh, Muhammad God is with you…”

Barnabas Jesus replies, “The name of the Messiah is wonderful, for God himself gave him the name, when he created his soul and placed it in heavenly glory.

He said: ‘Wait muhammad; for you I will create a paradise, a world, and many beings… Whoever blesses you will be blessed, and whoever curses you shall be cursed..”

Chapter 112 Barnabas: In this chapter Jesus Jesus told Barnabas that he would be killed. However, says Jesus Christ, God will bring him up from the earth. Whereas the man who was killed was actually a traitor whose face was changed like Jesus Christ.

And the people will believe that the crucified are Jesus Christ. “But Muhammad is coming… The holy apostle of God,” said Jesus. The name of the Prophet Muhammad is also mentioned in Chapters 136, 163, and 220.

Although speculation about the ancient book, thought to be the Gospel of Barnabas, foreshadowed the coming of Islam, so far there is no evidence to confirm the hypothesis.

Although the Gospel of Barnabas “acknowledges” the coming of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, skepticism persists because of its contradictions with the Qur’an. “For most studies on this book state that the Gospel of Barnabas only goes back 500 years. The Qur’an has been around for 1400 years.

Addition in Islam, Hijab also teach by Christian and Jewish

It is this contradiction that is the main reason why Arabic scholars ignore the Arabic translation of the Gospel, published 100 years ago. As reviewed in detail by the Egyptian writer and thinker, Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akkad.

In an analysis he wrote on October 26, 1959 in Al-Akhbar newspaper, Akkad said the description of hell in the Gospel of Barnabas was based on relatively new information that was not available at the time at which the text was supposed to be written.

“Some of the descriptions written in the Gospels are quotes from European sources,” he said. Protestant pastor Ihsan Ozbek said the gospel dates back to the 5th or 6th century. Barnabas, who was the first Christian, lived in the first century.

“A copy of the Gospel in Ankara may have been rewritten by one of Barnabas’ followers,” he said. Because, he continued, there was a 500-year gap between Barnabas and the writing of inkjil copies. “Muslims may be disappointed that this gospel has nothing to do with the gospel of Barnabas,” he said.

Professor Omer Faruk thinks the ancient gospel needs to be traced further to make sure it was made by Barnabas or his followers

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