The Books of Ibnu Sina

The Book Of Ibnu Sina

In the history of his life, Ibnu Sina is also known as a scientist who was very prolific in producing various works of books.

His books cover almost all branches of science, among them medical science, philosophy, mental sciences, physics, logic, politics and Arabic literature.

The works are as follows:

  • The Book of Qanun fi al-Thib,

this book is the work of ibn sina in the field of medical science. The book has been the only reference in medicine in Europe for about five centuries. This book is an islamic medicine iktisar and taught until now in the East.]

  • Book of As-Shifa

is the work of ibn sina also in the field of philosophy. This book, among others, contains a description of philosophy with all aspects

  • Book of An-Najah

which is a book containing a summary of the book of As-Syifa, this book was written by ibn Sina for students who want to learn the basics of the science of wisdom.

In addition, this book also fully discusses the thoughts of Ibnu Sina on the science of the Soul.

  • Book of Fi Aqsam al-Ulum al-Aqliyah

is his work in the field of physics. The book is written in Arabic and is still housed in various libraries in Istanbul, its publication first carried out in Cairo in 1910 AD.

While the translation in Jewish and Latin still exists today.

  • Book of al-Isyarat wa al-Tanbihat

it contains a description of logic and wisdom.

  • Oral Book of al-Arab

This book is the result of his work in the field of Arabic literature. This book amounts to ten volumes.

According to one information explained that this book Ibn Sina compiled in response to the challenge of a literary poet named Abu Mansur al-Jubba’I in front of Amir ‘Ala ad-Daulah in Ishfahan.

Other Books

In addition to these books there are still many works from ibn sina which are quite large, but to know how many books of works ibn sina is certainly very difficult, considering the difference about the amount of data used.

But to answer this, there are at least two opinions.

First, from the investigation conducted by the Father of Domician in Cairo on the works of Ibn Sina, he recorded 276 (two hundred and seventy-six) pieces.

Second, Phillip K.Hitti using the list made by al-Qifti said that ibn Sina’s works were about 99 (ninety-nine) pieces

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