The Cat Mosque and the Story of Abu Hurayrah

Did you know that in mecca there is a mosque (masjid ; arabic) called the Cat Mosque? The nickname Cat Mosque is pinned on the masjid whose real name is Masjid Ar-Rayah.

The masjid was named Cat Mosque because it has its own story. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) was praying with his companions, when the Apostle was prostrating suddenly there was a cat that rose to his back.

Because the Prophet loved cats so much, he then patiently waited for the cat to come down from his back.

Unfortunately, if now hajj or Umrah pilgrims want to visit this masjid can no longer because the Cat Mosque has been torn down.

This masjid was torn down for several reasons, including it is said that when almost entering the time of the azan proclaimed, cats often gather in this Cat Mosque.

In the past there was a restaurant that is quite famous among Umrah and Hajj pilgrims, in addition to this masjid which was visited by dozens of cats. There is a story during the Hajj season, there is someone who wants to pray in the masjid.

He was stunned to see that there was a cat performing prayers. Finally he ran away and told what he saw to the people around him.

History of Cat Mosque (Rayyah Mosque)

This masjid is named cat mosque because this mosque has its own story. Another name of the cat mosque is the Masjid Ar-rayah.

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) was praying with his companions, when the Apostle was prostrating suddenly there was a cat rising on his back. Because the apostle was very dear to the cat animals. He waited for the cat until it came down from the prophet’s back.
He also did not do anything rude to the cat even though if we prayed again and there was a cat that climbed on our back we would be very upset. Even though the religion of Islam has condemned that we as Muslims should not torture cats even though the cat is very annoying to us.

The cat mosque is located 750 m north of the Grand Mosque, but currently the mosque located at the end of Seng Market has been collapsed. In addition to the history that we have mentioned above, in some accounts mention that here, in the Cat Mosque is the house of the Prophet’s friend Abu Hurayrah.

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The story of 19 years before the Prophet Hijrah, a person who would later become a Friend of the Prophet was born under the name Abdus-Sham (Servant of the Sun), came from qabilah Ad-Daud, a tribe that is quite in segani in Yemen.

Abu Hurayrah uttered two sentences of the Shahada serving the Prophet wholeheartedly in the 7th year after hijrah to Medina. He decided to change his name to Abdul Rahman, until finally he could narrate many Hadiths of the Prophet. So how did his name be called Abu Hurayrah?

The Prophet’s friend is known as a cat lover. The title of Abu Hurayrah itself is given directly by our lord the Great Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Once when The Companions of Abu Hurayrah met the Prophet (peace be upon him), he asked what was on his sleeve.

It turned out that on his sleeve was a small cat (Hurayrah). From then on He preferred to be known by the title of Abu Hurayrah RA. Abu Hurayrah, literally meaning his father a cat. As a marker of this, a cat mosque was built in the former House of Abu Hurayrah.

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