The Crescent moon and the star are symbols of Islam.

The crescent moon and many stars are considered symbols of Islamic glory, as are the crosses that are identical to the Christians.

These two space objects can be found on the decoration of the dome of the mosque as well as on the flags of countries that are majority Muslim. For example Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, and many more.

Muslims in the early days of Islam did not have a particular symbol. In the time of the Prophet Muhammad, Islamic forces raised a simple flag that was generally black, green, or white.

Moon and Stars in history

Crescent and star symbols have been used as icons since ancient times. Historians find it has been used as far back as the Sumerian era, when the star symbolized Ishtar or the goddess of fertility. Historically it has been a very popular icon.

But the star and crescent moon were adopted as symbols by the Ottoman Empire or the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire ruled the Muslims for hundreds of years. Therefore, the stars and crescent moons are connected to Muslims and Islam in people’s minds.

Stars and crescent moons are displayed on the official Ottoman flag. Many countries separate from the Ottoman Empire retained symbols on its flag, including Turkey.

Early Muslims did not use this symbol at all. This symbol does not represent Islam and dates back to an era before Islam. It was only used because of ottoman rule.

History of Umayyad Caliphate, The first Islamic caliphate

History of crescent moons and stars

The largest and most successful civilization of the last Muslims is the Ottoman caliphate that managed to control the heart of Europe, namely the city of Constantinople and the surrounding region.

At that time to symbolize the glory of Islam, khaliffah turkey usmani using the crescent moon emblem. The symbol means the position of the three continents.

The tip of the crescent moon refers to the eastern asian continent, the other end shows the african continent, and the middle of it shows the continent of Europe which is indeed geographically squeezed by the continents of Asia and Africa.

Meaning of moon symbols and stars

The crescent flag itself is the official flag used by the Ottoman tukey caliphate. This flag is also interpreted as the flag of Islamic identity.

The spread of Islam to various regions makes the characteristics widespread and become a Muslim identity throughout the world.


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