The Doomsday messenger animals according the Prophet

The apocalypse is a certainty that will be experienced by the universe. Not only religion that talks about it, the study of scientists also states that the world and the whole of it will one day experience destruction.

In Islam, so many Prophets and Apostles are sent to convey the news. No one knows for sure when it happened, but Allah SWT has explained about the signs. The most famous sign is when the sun rises from the west.

But if you turn away, then know that Allah is All-Spoken, All-Knower. This animal marks the face of man, which is the difference between believers and not. What is this animal really?

This animal is named Dabbah and repeatedly called the Prophet (pbuh) as one of the signs of the imminent apocalypse. Even Allah SWT in his evidence also explains about this animal. This is stated in the Quran Sura Al-Naml : 82 which means as follows.

“When the word has fallen upon them, We bring forth a dabbah (animal) from the earth that will tell them that mankind were not sure of Our signs.” (An-Naml: 82)

The Prophet (pbuh) also said about this Dabbah and became one of the reminders of Muslims to always repent. In the Hadith of the Muslim Narration, the Apostle mentions three things that if all three come out then all repentance and charity are useless. The three are the rising of the sun from the west, Dajjal and Dabbah.

“There are three things that if it comes out, it will not benefit the faith of those who have not believed before; or have not done the good done in his faith. These three things are: the rising of the sun from the west, the Antichrist and the beasts of the earth.” (HR. Muslim)

He also said: “Surely the first signs that appear are the rising of the sun from the west and the exit of animals to mankind at the time of Dhuha. Whichever comes first, then the other will happen after that in the near future.” (HR. Muslim)

He said: “Hasten to do (before the arrival of) six things… He mentioned among them.” (HR. Muslims).

Later after coming out, Dabbah will speak to people and tell them that people were not sure of the verses of God. He gives a sign of the distinction between believers and infidels. The sign for the believers is a radiant face, and the one who does not, the sign is given on the nose as a sign of disbelief.

“The beast of the earth came out and stamped men on their faces. Then their number increased so that someone bought the onta he was asked, ‘From whom did you buy the onta?’ He replied, “From the one who stamped his face.” (HR. Ahmad, affirmed by al-Albani in as-Silsilah ash-Shahihah no. 322).

Later Dabbah will come out of Mecca from the most glorious mosque. This is based on the hadith narrated in Majma’uz Zawaid VIII/ 7-8, from Hudzaifah ibn Asid marfu’.

Dabbah will come out of the greatest mosque, when they are sitting on their knees when they are so suddenly divided.”

There is a lot of difference of opinion among scholars about this Dabbah. Dabbah language means animals that walk on earth. Some scholars say that Dabbah is a camel that is weaned from the camel of the Prophet Salih.

This is based on the hadeeth narrated by Abu Dawood ath-Thayalisi from Hudzaifah ibn Asid al-Ghifari, that the Prophet (s) mentioned about dabbah, (then he said the hadith, in which there is an expression)

“They did not feed him, but he spoke only between the pillars and the maqam (the pillars of Yamani and Maqam Ibrahim).”

Secondly, dabbah is al-Jassasah mentioned in the hadeeth of Tamim ad-Dari in the story of dajjal. This opinion was directed to Abdullah ibn Amru ibn ‘Ash. This opinion is not strong because the attributes and what is done by the dabbah does not match the description of al-Jassasah in the hadith tamim ad-Dari.

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Third, the dabbah was the serpent that oversaw the walls of the Kaaba, which was struck by eagles when the Quraysh were about to build the Kaaba. This view was narrated by al-Qurthubi to Ibn ‘Abbas ra. Only, he did not mention the source.

The Fourth is the human who speaks, argues and argues with those who are avid bid’ah and disbelief so that they may desist. That if they perish, they will perish with a clear authority.

Fifth, Dabbah is a dangerous bacteria that will make humans suffer. The bacteria injures it can even kill it. When he hurts a person, he brings a message of advice to people, if they have a heart that can think, so that they realize to return to God, to his religion and to pressure them to accept the argument. This is the opinion held by Abu ‘Ubayyah in his commentary on the book of an-Nihayah / al-Fitan wal Malahim, by Ibn Katheer.

For us, it is enough to believe the news from the closest man to Allah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Moreover, we leave it to The All-knowing God for all that has been and will happen.

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