The Efficacy of Zam-Zam Water and Its Prayer

Zam-zam water comes from springs which is a miracle that Allah gave to The Prophet Ishmael. This spring is what came to be known as the Well of Zam-zam, as immortalized by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad. And admittedly or not, the efficacy of zam-zam water is true.

This spring that will never dry is often invaded by millions of Muslims who worship in the land of Makkah. Not without reason, in zam-zam water contained many good chemical elements compared to mineral water.

According to various sources, the chloride (Cl) content of zam-zam water is greater than mineral water, which is 159.75 Mg / I compared to 30 Mg / I. While calcium (Ca2 +) contained in zam zam water is greater than mineral water, which is 158.58 Mg / I compared to 20 Mg / I.

Among the benefits of zam zam water is medicine, no wonder this water is known by the name of māu al-syifā. The reason is because zam zam water can be a cure for all diseases, both zahir disease and inner disease.

Zamzam Water Unique Facts

This is in accordance with the prophet’s word narrated by Ibn Majah from Jabir bin Abdillah which reads: “Zam zam water can be efficacious in accordance with the intentions of those who drink it”.

That is, if drinking zam zam water is intended to get blessings, then with it will get blessings, if drinking it is intended to be cured of the disease, then it will be a medicine, and so on.

In this hajj season, pilgrims from the homeland usually bring zam zam water as their hand from the holy land of Makkah. In the book al-Adzkār al-Nawāwī, fasal Fīmā Yaqūluh Idzā Sharab Mā’ Zamzam, Shaykh Nawawi expresses a prayer that must be read when drinking zam zam water, either referred to as medicine or simply taking blessings from his haste:

اللهم إنه بلغني أللهم و إني أشربه لتغفرلي ولتفعل بي كذا وكذا فاغفرلي أو افعل


اللهم إني أشربه مستشفيا به فاشفني

“O Allah, I have drank the water (zam zam) (with the intention) that it may be a medicine for me, so heal me.” Shaykh Nawawi said “like this”.

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