The Facts About the World’s Largest Quran Factory

For those of you who travel to the holy city of Medina Al-Munawarrah, do not forget to stop by the largest printing of the Quran named Mujamma Malik Fahd Li Thiba’at Al Mush Haf Asysyarif (Printing Complex of The Quran Belongs to King Fahd).

This Quran factory is touted as the largest Quran printing in the world. Most pilgrims who come to Saudi Arabia from various countries must take the time to stop by this place.

From the outside, the printing house looks so magnificent. This place also looks clean and beautiful with a courtyard full of various plants and flowers. This Quran factory can be visited by the general public. Those who come will get an explanation from the management.

But don’t be disappointed, because only men are allowed into the factory. While female visitors are only allowed to enter the marketing room.

To be known, this factory was established in 1982 and started producing the Qur’an since 1984. To date, its production of various sizes can exceed the figure of 12 million copies per year.

The magnificent factory stands in an area of 1,250 square meters at the end of the road west of Medina to tabuk city. In addition to the factory, there are also warehouses, mosques, marketing shops, employee dormitories, clinics, and libraries.

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Until now, the printing press not only printed the Qur’an in its original language, Arabic, but also in various translation languages. At least until now has been published the Qur’an and its translation in 50 languages, including Indonesian.

Interestingly, the Quran produced by the place was distributed for free to the whole world, among others through mosques.

Pilgrims from all over the world can also get a Quran produced by medina factory for free when boarding an airplane when returning to their respective countries after performing hajj.

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