The First Figures to Enter in Islam

Islam is the religion of rahmatan lil’alamin, which is a blessing for the universe. Allah sent the Prophet PBUH as the bearer of the good news to all mankind without exception.

Granted, though, not all receive such good news. And what will Allah give those who deny the glad tidings of Allah?

His recompense is the Fire and a painful punishment. As God said in Muhammad’s letter verse 12,

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he received the first revelation from Allah until the end of his life, fought for the da’wah of Islam so greatly. Every story he always makes us unable to hold back tears and certainly makes us love our example even more.

In his struggle to preach Islam, in joy and sorrow, when da’wah must be secretly or when it is open, there are three extraordinary people who get the name Sabiqunal Awwalun, which means the first people.

Yes, these three people were the first to convert to Islam and those who strongly believed in every word of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who is famous by the nickname Al-Amin or the Trusted One. Who are they?

First Man Figures enter to Islam

Abu Bakr As-Shiddiq was born two years a few months after rasulullaah was born. He was the first adult male to convert to Islam, a friend of the Prophet who always justified and trusted every word of the Apostle, which is why he finally got the nickname As-Shiddiq, which means The Justifying.

Of his Islam, the Apostle once said, “No one converts to Islam unless he doubts and worries, except Abu Bakr. He did not hesitate and worry when I told him.” (Ibn Ishaq).

There were many companions of The Apostle who converted to Islam through his intercession, including Zubair bin Awwam, Uthman bin Affan, Abdurrahman bin Auf, Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqash, Talhah bin Ubaydillah, and Abu Ubaydah bin Al-Jarrah. These friends are included in the list of friends who get heavenly assurance from God.

The burnt ashes have a very gentle and reckless attitude, he is also very caring and compassionate. That is why he set free the slaves tormented by the disbelievers of the Quraysh, and every time he recites the Qur’an, those who hear it will weep.

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First Woman Figures become Muslim

Khadijah bint Khuwailid was born in Mecca 68 years before the Hijri. During the time of jahiliyah, Khadijah got the nickname Ath-Thahirah which means holy woman, because during her life she always maintained her honor and sanctity. The Quraysh also referred to her as the female leader of quraysh.

Khadija was the first wife of rasulullaah, and during her marriage Rasulullaah never married another woman. Rasulullaah loved Khadijah very much and even though she was married to Aisha, the Apostle still often mentioned khadija so that it made Aisha jealous.

Before marrying Rasulullaah, Khadija was married twice. When she married Rasulullaah, who was 25 years old at the time, Khadijah was a 40-year-old widow.

Khadija was an extraordinary figure who was very loyal to her husband. When the Apostle felt the cold and the great shivers after receiving the first revelation from Allah (Al-Alaq 1-5), Khadijah swiftly enveloped and held him so that he would feel warm. In the course of the da’wah of Rasulullaah, Khadijah always accompanied and blessed The Apostle with love.

Until the time Khadija died, it was a day of great sorrow for the Messenger of Allah, for his love had gone before him before Him before Allah SWT. And the year of sorrow is referred to as ‘am al-huzn. From her marriage to Rasulullaah, Khadija had six children, Abdullah, Qasim, Zainab, Fatimah, Ruqayyah, and Um Kultsum.

Those were the three great companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who were the first to convert to Islam. Abu Bakr of the male adult group, Ali ibn Abi Talib from among the children, and the Prophet’s wife, Khadijah, from the adult women.

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