The Gospel Today Is Not the Word of God

Gospel Today Is Not the Word of God – Here are 3 Types of Bibles according to Dr Zakir Naik :

1) A verse that is in accordance with the Qur’an. Muslims believe that in the gospel there is still the word of God.

2) Verses that are contrary to the Quran. Muslims 100% reject it because it cannot be the word of Allah.

3) Verses that are not found to be compatible with the Qur’an and are not contradictory. The Muslims will silence him.

Overall, the Bible is no longer the word of God. Although there is still the word of God, it has been largely falsified. There are three proofs that the Bible that exists today is not the word of God.

  •  Contradiction.

There are many verses in the Bible that contradict each other. Even in a few pages there can be a conflict between these verses.

  • Scientific errors.

“If you test the Bible with science, you will find hundreds of errors. For example, the Bible says God created two lights. A strong light is the sun that rules the day and a rather weak light is the moon that rules the night. The moon does not have its own light.”

  • Pornography

For example in Ezekiel 23:3, Ezekiel 23:8, Ezekiel 23:19-21, Song of Songs 7:7-8 and so on.


  • Because the entry of old testament scriptures (especially the torah) was done 1000 years later after the death of Moses (as), while the writing of the Gospel was a century difference with Jesus. (Jesus).
  • The Book has been revised repeatedly in accordance with the times. The closest of the Book into English was done by Tyndale in 1525, the second translation was written by Coverdale in 1535, the third translation known as great bimble translation was done in 1539, and the fourth translation was written in 1540. The fifth translation is known as the geneva bible? Done in 1560. The sixth famous translation by the name of bimshop bile was written by Bishop Parker.
  • When King James ascended the throne in 1603, he doubted the purity of the Book of Bishops because his verses were full of geographical errors, historical abuses and errors of fact. King James appointed four scholars to correct the errors found in the Book of Bishops. They translated the Book and published it in 1611.
  • It turns out that the Authorised Version Of the Holly Bible contains about 20,000 errors, but the Bible is authentic for 259 years. In 1870, a commission was appointed to correct the error. In 1884 the repair was completed and is famously known as the ‘revised version’.
  • By 1901 the Americans had published the Book according to their own version. In 1931, the manuscript of the Ancient Greek Book was discovered, but the contents of many errors, so the Book was rewritten by a committee of 32 scholars.
  • They are allowed to change the contents of the Book if it is attended by 2/3 of all members of the committee. Meeka’s work has been received and honored by the Nation Council of Churches of Chrit and published in 1952, and is considered a standard translation that has been improved. Catholic and Protestant Christians each have different books. Christianity has a Bible of 72 books. Protestant Christianity has only 66 books. The old testament edition now has only 29 books when originally there were 56 books, the remaining 17 were removed and simply removed.
  • Deuteronomy chapter 24 tells of the death of the author of the Torah, his grave, his funeral and his age of 120 years. It also tells the story of the Jews mourning the death of Moses. It is clearly a verse that tells the events after the death of Moses (as). It is not a revelation that was revealed to Moses. It is clear that it is man-made and not God’s revelation.

Addition in Islam, Hijab also teach by Christian and Jewish

The main difference between the Bible and the Quran

1. The previous books have lost their wholeness or authenticity. Meanwhile, the Qur’an to this day and even the one to come, is still intact. This is confirmed in the Qur’an, surah Al Hijr verse 9: (Indeed, We have sent down the Qur’an and We are the ones who guard it from counterfeiting).

2. That the Quran is intended for all nature /mankind. Meanwhile, the earlier Scriptures were reserved only for one particular class. Here’s the next difference. Many scriptures explain this; Like Al Baqarah verse 185. And also Ali Imran verse 183: (… This is the Clear for all mankind, and a guidance and admonition for the godfearing.

3. That the earlier scriptures were one of the gospel using the language of peoples that have now been lost over time. Unlike the Koran, the Arabic Quran is now used by millions of people. And the Qur’an revealed in Arabic does not mean the Qur’an to the Arabs only, but to all mankind.

4. The Quran contains a summary of the divine teachings in the books and strengthens the truth of the teachings found in the previous books; the Torah, Zabur, and especially the Gospel.

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