The meaning of Mualaf and why someone convert to Islam?

,Why someone convert to Islam | The word “Mualaf” comes from arabic which means submission, surrender, and surrender. As for its own definition, converts have several meanings, such as:

Converts are defined as someone (non-Muslim) who has just converted to Islam.

According to sharia, converts are interpreted as someone whose heart has been tilted at Islam. Or in other words, a convert is someone whose heart has been bound to strengthen them to Islam.

According to the scholars of the Maliki madzab, converts are defined as infidels who are bound by their hearts in order to convert to Islam.

For some people, deciding to become a convert is certainly something that is not easy. Most of them experience a long and extraordinary inner struggle.

In addition, they also have to consider the decision well. When he tries to accept and believe in the new religion, he must also be prepared for the consequences of his choice. Such as losing a job, being ostracized by family or friends, and so on.

Why someone convert to Islam and becomes a Muslim

Why someone convert to Islam and becomes a Muslim
Why someone convert to Islam and becomes a Muslim

There are several reasons why a person decides to become a convert, including:

1) Because of love someone convert to islam

Being a convert is one of the best things in a person’s life, because it can indicate that the person has received guidance from Allah SWT.

Many life stories show us how someone decides to become a convert, one of which is because of love or marriage.

A person who decides to convert even if it is due to love or marriage, then it is not a problem and it will not reduce the meaning of goodness contained in it.

And the person who caused the Islam of his partner earlier and educated and guided his partner so that his faith is more stable, then later also the person will also get a reward from Allah.

Some people adhere to Islam from marriage, because Muslims are obliged to marry fellow believers or the same religion.

This is where the role of Islam in how to choose a prospective companion lives in accordance with the recommended religious sharia. Especially for women who have to choose their prospective imam with the main religious criteria.

2) Because of learning and become a muslim

In addition to the problem of marriage, another reason a person converts is because of the habit that the person has to learn about the teachings of Islam.

3) Because of the guidance directly from Allah and convert to islam

The next reason is because of the guidance that a person receives directly from Allah SWT, for example through a dream or experiencing an event that ultimately leads the person to convert.

Converts are a part of the process of spreading Islam, where naturally Islam needs to be widespread.

This has been going on since the time of the Prophet. The path chosen to spread the teachings of Islam at that time was done by preaching and jihad.

The path of da’wah began to be taken by sending a letter to the leaders of other countries which in the letter contained an offer from the Prophet for those who would accept Islam and submit to the teachings of Islam at that time.

What is a Muslim’s attitude towards a convert

Muslim attitude
Muslim attitude

Any person who has just converted to Islam can be referred to as a convert. And Islam has special treatment or different treatment for them, such as:

1) Protecting Converts

Being a Convert is not easy. In addition to extraordinary inner conflict, they will most likely also face other consequences. Such as being ostracized and abandoned by family and friends who do not accept the decision.

Even the loss of jobs, property and lives is also included in the consequences.

As an example. The family of Amar bin Yassir was killed by the Quraysh, whereby while the family maintained their faith in Allah SWT and His Messenger, the Quraysh tormented them until they died.

That is why Islam organizes and obligates every Muslim to provide protection to converts.

Because if the Islam they are doing is causing their lives to suffer more, then it can have a bad effect on Muslims.

2) Giving Zakat to someone who convert to islam

In addition to protection, Islam also provides economic assistance for converts in need, with the aim of fostering independence for converts, especially in the economic field.

As the fourth pillar of Islam becomes mandatory because every servant. Especially those who earn to issue zakat 2.5% of the income that can be earned.

One of the paths taken is to include mualah into the mustahiq group, which is the group of zakat recipients in Islam.

The granting of this right is not merely in return because they have converted to Islam, but to protect the people from kufr favors from Allah SWT, so that they can live their lives fairly.

In addition, incorporating the naahah into the mustahiq group will further strengthen their souls with the new religion.

So what if the convert is rich or economically capable? The provision of including converts as one of the groups entitled to zakat has been absolutely mentioned in the Qur’an.

So no matter how rich the convert, he will still be included in the mustahiq group. And above it has been explained that the giving of zakat is not solely for economic purposes, but also to further strengthen its soul towards the religion of Islam.

Zakat In Islam : the meaning of zakat

3) Teaching the knowledge of Islam

Now there are many institutions and foundations that are tasked with dealing with the problem of converts.

The institution or foundation not only registers new converts, but also provides various forms of training related to reading the Qur’an, the study of the Qur’an and hadith, and various other forms of activities to increase the knowledge of converts to Islam.

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